Sunday, May 15, 2011

100 things that are rarely explained in book's

100 things that are rarely explained in book's:

1. I am the villain, you cannot stop me: Okay, why is it that this person is a villain? Was the character born a villain? did something happen in their past? do they really want to rule the world? is that the only reason for being a villain? People want to know why the bad guy is the bad guy.

2. I am the Hero and you are the Heroine and I am madly in love you: I think this one is kinda obvious. . how many times do we see that the two main characters fall in love with each other? Why can't the main heroine/hero fall in love with someone else? And where exactly do we get details on why that person loves the other? Looks, the simple fact that their the main characters. . .?

3.I'm a cold hearted, person that's willing to risk my life to save the world: So we've all seen the character who's that person with a heart of cold unfeeling stone. They're sarcastic (not in a nice way) and their mean. They push people to get what they want and yet when it comes down to it. . . they give their lives to saving the world. . . why? if their so cold hearted why did they just take a bullet for someone they hate? Or are they really cold hearted at all?


  1. I don't think anyone is born cold hearted. People change with circustances.

  2. I think that's why some books are so popular like Harry Potter it's cliche but it explained a lot of these types of questions. Except... why were Harry's step parents so insane? Hum... okay you're right... explanation needed.

  3. How about the two characters who are in love but never get together for NO REASON? What, are they just too lazy to change their lifestyles? They don't want commitment to THE PERSON THEY'RE SUPPOSEDLY MADLY IN LOVE WITH?! Ugh, I hate it. One of my favorite movies does this and it's the only thing I hate about the entire movie. (I've also seen it in a few others. Whatheck?!) BleH!