Thursday, December 8, 2011

How can one say that Magic does not exist?

How can anyone say that magic does not exist?  
The one who can say that is one who has never read a good book.
Authors have all kinds of magic. 
The magic to take a blank page and fill it with a beautiful story.
The magic of weaving words.
But the most powerful magic an author has. . .
Is the magic to control the readers emotions.
The magic of making the readers stomach fill with butterflies.
Or making them  cry, out of fear, anger or joy.
The power of making you feel as if you are drowning in every crashing wave of the ocean
or making you feel weightless, flying in the clouds.
How can one say that, that is not magic?

The one who can say magic does not exist is the one who has never listened to a good song.
The singer has magic. 
Power to make you move your body to the beat.
Power to make you sway with the sound, or go weak at the knees.  
Power to make your heart pound as you listen with intent, finally feeling understood as the music describes exactly how you feel. 

The one who can say magic does not exist is the one who has never watched a powerful movie.
Directors, producers, actors. . . they all have a combined magic. 
The power to make you feel for people you have never met.  How can one watch Lord of the Rings and not feel for Frodo?  
How can one watch Phantom of the Opera and not weep for what Christine goes through?
How can one watch Harry Potter and not have a sense of bonding?

So again I ask. . . How can Anyone say that Magic does not exist?
Magic does not have to come from a stick with fancy carvings or make pretty blue lights around them as they say ‘magic' words.  
Magic is ones ability to be artistic.