Friday, October 19, 2012

Cliché’s and why they’re horrible!

Cliché’s and why they’re horrible! 

Let us start with what the word "Cliché" means.

So why don't we like cliche's?  They are overused ideas/elements.  
They. Are. Overused. 
As in, I have seen that once already.  And the first time it was fantastic. The second time it was OK. The third time and on it has been overused.  As in, I don't want to see it ever again in another book! . . .Ever! 

So, why are cliche's horrible?  Well, because it makes the book boring.  Seriously, if continue to see the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER (do you get the point yet?)  and OVER, it gets annoying.  Boring.  Irritating even.  Its not longer new or exciting.  It is expected.  And it takes away the thrill of reading a new book.  It takes away the excitement.  

And if I'm being completely honest, it takes away the point of reading new books.  If every author put the same things in every book, I might as well stick the to the same few books that introduced these grand ideas that are now. . . cliche. 

Now that you understand why Cliche's are HORRIBLE, let me give a few examples. 

  • The Love Triangle.  Now honestly, in some cases this element in a story, genuinely makes sense.  But in most cases, it makes the book absolutely boring.  And in MOST cases, the girl ALWAYS ends up with the first guy.   Which brings us to another part of the love triangle.  Why is it always One Female and Two Males?  Why can't we have two women fighting over one guy?  
  • The "Because I love you".  For some crazy reason, someone must sacrifice themselves. They don't want the love of their life to be in pain so they will leave.  They will walk away to never look back if it means that their true love will be ok.  Guess what?  If I'm in love with someone, I don't want him to freakin' leave!   
  • "It will ALWAYS come down to you OR me." For some reason, villain's  think that threatening the heroe's "true love" will fix everything.  And the Heroes tend to let the villain's be right.  I'm sorry but if someone is threatening the love of my life, I'm not gonna weep and beg that they take me instead.  I'm gonna make those villains get down on their knees, begging me to have mercy.   
  • "I can't be with you.  I love you too much."  Okay, now I'm beginning to think that the villain is in the right frame of mind.  This person is too stupid to be the hero.  Seriously, leaving the person you love to "protect" them, is not going to help anything.   It just makes you miserable, your "true love" miserable, and the villain is still going to win.  If you love someone, work it out.  If you aren't willing to work it out (and if they aren't willing) then clearly it wasn't meant to be anyway. 
  • "The dream."  Yes.  We all have dreams.  Dreams are powerful when you know how to use them.  So are swords.  Don't start the book with a dream.  Don't end the book with a dream.  Don't put a dream in the middle.  If you're character must dream, it better be for a good reason.  
Alright, so honestly this is a very short list compared to what it could be.  And if you would like to read an earlier post I did on things that are over used in books (among other things) you can CLICK HERE

I'm pretty sure I could go on forever.  The point is, some cliches should really die and they are horrible and I know nothing is original anymore but as writers, artist, creators,  I think authors could get a bit more creative.  

So, what Cliché’s do you absolutely HATE? 


  1. Yeah, the love triangle has been done to death. And yet books featuring it continue to come out. Go figure.

    1. Oh don't I know it! Maybe I'll start writing about Love Octagons!! That will really get people's heads spinning. :D

  2. You are so right. I agree with triangles are far to common.

    1. Thank you. They really are. And why a triangle? I feel bad for all the other shapes. :)