Friday, October 12, 2012

Help me, help you! And support your favorite giveaways!

When I do giveaways, it comes out of my own pocket.  Occasionally Authors will donate their books (like when I do a review or interview or launch party) and sometimes I win things that I use as prizes.  But I can't keep getting all this awesome stuff to giveaway without a little help.  Want to know how you can help?  I shall give you a list of ways you can help. (And please don't feel obligated or like I am trying to be rude or begging for help. Or even that I'm complaining.  I have been asked via e-mail by quite a few people now and so I thought I would share my thoughts).

  • Share my posts.  Especially the Giveaways.  How does this help?  It brings more people to the blog, and brings in more entries.  How does that help?  It lets me know what people want.  If I giveaway a necklace and only get five entries and giveaway a book and get ten entries, I know to giveaway more books and spend less time on jewelry. 
  • If you like what I'm giving away, follow my blog.  And don't just comment on the posts that have giveaways.  Take a look around, let me know that you enjoy more on my blog than just getting free things. 
  • Donate Prizes!  Yes, you can donate prizes.  And if you donate a prize, I will feature you on my blog! Guess what,  I would love to donate prizes to other blogs.  But I can't do it if I don't have a way to do it.  So here is what you can do: E-mail me and let me know if you have a prize you want to donate.  Let me know what the prize is and when you want to be featured.  As simple as that! 
  • Support the Authors! My favorite part of blogging is helping authors.  So when I host an author, do a giveaway or a book, do an interview or review, comment. Re-post, Share and most importantly, follow the author! 
  • When I review and giveaway, you review. If I do a giveaway for a book I just reviewed and you win and have the means, review the book! Help support the author.  
  • *If you want to support giveaways directly, Check out what I do and help support my family's' business.  (The jewelry is what I do).  CLICK HERE to check it out!  Plus, we do custom work! 
  • *Check out my Etsy page!  All money made on Etsy goes directly to Giveaways! (Plus, I have some really cool stuff for sale!)  Also, if you help my sister out, that will help me out which will help you out because I will be able to giveaway more awesome stuff! *Check her Etsy store out HERE!
  • Know that this doesn't apply just to me. Most bloggers pay for everything they giveaway!  And the harder the times get, the less giveaways there will be.  I do a lot of jewelry related giveaways because I can make the jewelry.  I do giveaways for journals because I make journals.  But I love doing crazy awesome giveaways and I don't want to stop!  So help support your favorite bloggers! 
*If you purchase anything from any of these links, leave a note on your order saying that Nothought2small brought you there and I will make sure you get a "Thank you"  gift included with your order! 

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing my store sissy pants! You can let people know for every items sol in my Etsy store through December 31st, 2012 I will donate an Item to your blog for a giveaway!