Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So as you saw last week, I LOVE Etsy.  More importantly, I LOVE the people I meet on Etsy.  And today I am going to introduce you to one of the most wonderful, awesome people I've ever met through Etsy.

Meet Virginia.  

Here is a little about her. 

I am basically a self taught artist with some schooling thrown in there...I have been creative since I can remember. I love to learn and feel you are never to old to do so! 
I strive for quality. I am a bit of a perfectionist.. Sometimes even driving myself a bit crazy. 
Art has always been my love and passion. It has gotten me through some of the toughest of times. Along with my passion for the fight against animal cruelty.
I have taught art & craft classes in the past, I also have been doing shows for years. I've had work published in two major craft magazines.

And HERE is where you can look at some of her BEAUTIFUL work! 

Now, aside from just being awesome and totally cool to work with,  
Virginia is giving away one of her works of art! 

This piece to be specific.  
(Wondering where you've seen something similar?  CLICK HERE! Yep, I've given away another one of her Keepsake boxes before!) 

So, as you can see her work is beautiful, perfect and totally something you want! 

So how do you win that gorgeous box?  Here is how: 

Way 1: Follow Virginia on Twitter
**Bonus points if you tweet about giveaway**

Way 2:  Add Virginia to your Circle on Etsy./ Add her store to your favorites 
(We have multiple ways to enter, knowing that 
not everyone has an Etsy account.  Or even a Twitter account) 

Way 3:  Purchase an item from Funkyart08
(Virginia's Etsy store.  Also, be sure to mention Nothought2small in the comments of your order if this is the route you take.)

Now simply fill out the form below! Simple as that!

*US only.  Giveaway ends on 11-22-12.  Winner will be announced 11-23-12


  1. What an awesome blog! Thank you soooo much for all the wonderful things said, the exposure and for being the terrific person you are! Seriously, this is a terrific site and I am just blown away!!!Wow!!!
    So thankful for Etsy and it connecting me to you and all the folks I have met and worked with in these past few years!
    Blessed holiday to all!!
    Thankyou no thought 2 small!!:)

  2. That's a beautiful keepsake box.