Saturday, December 15, 2012

Twelve Books for Christmas: Book Six (INT-US)

I LOVE this cover!!!!!!!
Please welcome Rachel Morgan, author of the Creepy Hollow series.

Here is where you can find Rachel:

Here is where you can find the series/book: 

Book Blurb: 

Protecting humans from dangerous magical creatures is all in a day’s work for a faerie training to be a guardian. Seventeen-year-old Violet Fairdale knows this better than anyone—she’s about to become the best guardian the Guild has seen in years. That is, until a cute human boy who can somehow see through her faerie glamour follows her into the fae realm. Now she’s broken Guild Law, a crime that could lead to her expulsion.

The last thing Vi wants to do is spend any more time with the boy who got her into this mess, but the Guild requires that she return Nate to his home and make him forget everything he’s discovered of the fae realm. Easy, right? Not when you factor in evil faeries, long-lost family members, and inconvenient feelings of the romantic kind. Vi is about to find herself tangled up in a dangerous plot—and it’ll take all her training to get out alive.

Author Interview: 

Konstanz: Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Rachel: I live in South Africa. I studied genetics and biochemistry before deciding I wanted to be a published author. For the past three and a half years I’ve been juggling teaching and writing, but I’m getting married TOMORROW (ohmygoshfreakout!!) and moving to a new city, so who knows what next year holds! I play the piano and flute, don’t like coffee, and can’t go too long without chocolate.

Konstanz: Were you a Reader or Writer first?

Rachel: A reader, ever since my parents bought me my very first Famous Five book after I learned how to read. I’ve loved reading ever since!

Konstanz: Did you start writing with publication in mind or just for fun and publication came later?

Rachel: I first started writing just for fun, but there was always this idea in the back of my mind that it would one day lead to publication. I had no idea back then how difficult it actually is to become published through traditional channels, so I just thought it was a given that I’d be a published author one day in my distant future!

Konstanz: Favorite Summer Drink?

Rachel: You’re going to think I’m really boring when I say water with tons of ice blocks / homemade lemonade with tons of ice blocks, but seriously? Seriously? Do you know how hot and sticky it gets in Durban, SA in summer? Everything just sticks to you. Even the air is so heavily humid it sticks to you! So yeah. There’s nothing like good old iced water ;-)

Konstanz: Do you like the Harry Potter books or the Harry Potter Movies more?

Rachel: Books all the way. The movies are enjoyable, but the books are far, far better!

Konstanz: If you got a million dollars today, what would you do with it?

Rachel: Well, I’d be super excited since that’s close to 9 million rand these days! I’d obviously have to give away a lot, ’cause that’s an obscene amount of money, and what a blessing to be able to help people! The one thing I know I’d definitely do would be to start sponsoring some kids to attend the school I’m currently teaching at. There are a large number of students from very underprivileged backgrounds who can only be there because of bursaries/sponsors. It would be awesome to enable even more kids to attend and receive an education. Then … I guess I’d try make some good investments and keep enough to allow me to be a full-time writer :-)

I have to say, this is one of the most inspiring interviews I have ever read.  Rachel is pretty amazing!  
And as if that wasn't awesome enough, she is pretty awesome for giving away 5 e-copies of her book and ONE Hardbound copy!!!! 

How to win: 

So. . .you know those links at the beginning of the post?  Well here is where those come in handy.  
To enter, go click on at least one of those links.   "Like" her Author page on Facebeook, Add her books to your Goodreads "TBR" list, "Like" her book on Amazon.  It doesn't matter what you do as long as you do one of those things.  

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      I look forward to it!