Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Updates, updates, updates!

So I feel pretty awful. I was debating what to blog about today because for the first time in 5 months, I didn't have a post already scheduled! How crazy is that?!?! Anyway, so I was debating what to blog about and I realized that there are so many updates you haven't gotten if you don't follow my Facebook page.

So allow me to give you an update.

1.Sam Tsui is the perfect person to play Riley, one of the Main Characters in Only Half Alive. You can check out his YouTube channel HERE.
Another fun fact about him, he wrote a song called Me Without You which is one of the theme songs for the book. Crazy, right?!?! If I could meet him I would totally tell him all about it and ask for the rights to the song for the book trailer!

2. This past weekend was spent editing and Only Half Alive will go to beta readers on Wednesday. I am so excited!! Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to share this book with you!

3. If you want more updates, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go like my Facebook page HERE. It is so much easier to post little updates on there rather than writing a whole blog post for it. And if you don't follow my Facebook page you totally missed a chance to be in the book! But no worries, I promise there will be plenty of opportunities to win that prize. Just go like the page!

4. Only Half Alive is on Goodreads. And I would love you forever plus some if you added it to your TBR list!!! You can check it out HERE!

And that is all folks!!


  1. You have a book coming out? I'll go add it on Goodreads! Congratulations, Konstanz.

    1. I do!! That was part of the reason I left the A-to-Z team. :D Thank you, thank you!!!!

  2. Busy, busy girl. So excited for you. All marked!