Saturday, June 1, 2013

Book Tour: A Change of Plans ~ A Book Review

Title: A Change of Plans ~ Author: Donna K. Weaver ~ Release Date: June 1, 2013 ~! Pages: 327
Genre: New Adult Contemporary

When twenty-five-year-old Lyn sets off on her cruise vacation, all she wants is to  forget that her dead fiancĂ© was a cheating scumbag. What she plans is a diversion  uncomplicated by romance. What she gets is Braedon, an intriguing young surgeon.

He's everything her fiancĂ© wasn't, and against the backdrop of the ship's make-believe  world, her emotions come alive. naware of the sensitive waters he navigates, Braedon moves to take their relationship  beyond friendship—on the very anniversary Lyn came on the cruise to forget. Lyn's painful memories are too powerful, and she runs off in a panic.

But it's hard to get away from someone when you're stuck on the same ship. Things are bad enough when the pair finds themselves on one of the cruise's snorkeling excursions. Then paradise turns to piracy when their party is kidnapped, and Lyn's fear of a fairy tale turns grim.

My Review: 

This book is fantastic!! I was so worried when I began reading because first of all, I am not a fan of New Adult. Mostly because of the content it is known for. But Donna spins a wonderful tale that's completely lovable!!!!

The characters are amazing. Oh my goodness, the characters! I could say SO much but I truly don't want to spoil this book for you. It is too good to do that!

The writing is amazing, every scene is so beautifully written. I felt like I was on a cruise, I felt that sand between my toes. The sun beating down on me.  I was there with those characters!

And oh my goodness, the ending! Again, there is so much that I could say but there is no way of talking about it without giving away spoilers so seriously, I am telling you now; Go read this book!!!!!

Donna K. Weaver is a Navy brat who joined the Army and has lived in Asia and Europe.
Because she sailed the Pacific three times as a child, she loves cruising and wishes she  could accrue enough vacation time to do more of it with her husband. Donna and her husband have six children and eight grandchildren who live all over the  At fifty, Donna decided to study karate and earned her black belt in Shorei Kempo. After recording city council minutes for twenty years, Donna decided to write  world. something a little longer and with a lot more emotion--and kissing.


  1. Ah, you sweet thing, Konstanz! I'm so glad you liked it. *hugs*

    1. Thank you! <3 I told you that you didn't need to worry about it! :D *HUGS*

  2. Great review! Congrats, Donna and best wishes on your new release!

  3. This review has really captured my attention. Now I want to find out more...
    Writer In Transit

    1. For sure! This book is totally worth it!!!

  4. It looks like a very good read. It's interesting how we have preconceptions about books that get blown out of the water.

  5. Konstanz, thanks for sharing your review of the book. Donna, CONGRATS on your book release.