Friday, July 5, 2013

A Dragon on my shoulder ~ A Poem

I wrote this a few months ago, as inspiration struck me to one evening. And I absolutely love it. I don't usually write poetry but after this I thought it might be fun to do more. However, I haven't written another poem since. 

I love this poem too much to let it sit and not be shared so, here it is. A dragon on my shoulder. 

A Dragon on my shoulder

I am a night owl; that is when I write
With a dragon on my shoulder, his fire is my light.
I weave the words about, and when I get them right,
He whispers in my ear and tells me goodnight.
But when the words are wrong,
And they do not fit,
The dragon smacks me with his tail
And says they must be fixed. 
So the backspace becomes my friend, and I work on.
Throughout the night until I hear a little hiss.
And when the new words are approved,

my tiny Fire breathing friend lets me rest again.