Monday, August 12, 2013

Indie . . . Traditional . . . It doesn't matter. No, what matters is that I am following my dream!

Originally I had planned on blogging about one of my author superheroes today. But upon finding a very harsh article going around, I felt that this matter was a bit more important today.

Without further ado . . . why I write.

Do I want to be a full time author, writing stories for a living? Absolutely.
Do I want to be a New York Time’s Bestseller? Definitely.
Do I dream about one day seeing my book – turned – movie on the big screen? Uhh. . . yeah!
But is it why I write? Absolutely, positively, definitely, no!

I write because I dream of people that don’t exist. I have conversations with characters that only I know. And every time I think about them, I realize more and more how much I care about these characters. I realize, I want to know their stories.

Yes, I WANT TO KNOW their stories. THAT is why I write.
I write because my imagination goes crazy with all the things that could be . . . and the only way for them to be, is to put them in stories.

I write because I love stories, I love make-believe. I love magic and fairies and dragons and evil sorcerers and damsels who can take care of themselves. I love stories that mean something. I love stories that teach me things nothing in the real world could.

I write because it is my escape. I write for the same reason some people golf, or go fishing. I write because it is what I LOVE DOING!

Not for money, not for fame, not for glory. I don’t write so I can be the girl who was nobody and then made it big! I am writing because I love to.

I decided to self-publish because it is what I felt was right. Not because I don’t want a traditional publisher, not because I am not good enough. Not because my stories aren't worth it. But because it is what was right for me. And you want to know WHY I was guided towards self-publishing?

Because it was the only way I was ever going to get the publisher I now have.

Believe it or not, if I had continued submitting my novel to major publishers, I would never have made it to where I am right now. And right now? I am happy with where this journey in writing has brought me.

I write because I love it, not for the glory, fame, and money, but for me. 

Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't good enough to be an author, especially because you are self-publishing. No one has the right to ruin your dreams. No one has the power to stop your dreams from coming true except for you! 

p.s I also believe there shouldn't be a gap between Traditional and Independent authors. Both are after the same dream. 


  1. beautiful, inspiring post! writing we do out of love for stories. money (and fame) is just added bonus we are not against of.

    have a nice day!

    1. Thank you so much! Exactly! <3

      Thanks! I hope you have a fantastic day as well!

  2. I absolutely agree with you. Well said :-)

  3. Very well said. I think I read the article you were referring to. I so wish I could have reached through my computer and... well, anyway... it was horrible.

    1. Thank you! I agree, I cried when I first read the blog post. It truly is horrible but I decided it was better to focus on the bright side and ignore the haters.

  4. Woohoo, Konstanz! Love your post. And I'm with ya, girl!