Monday, August 26, 2013

Looking for more "Likes"? How about Blog Followers?

Authors, Bloggers, Anyone looking for a bit more attention on your blog, Facebook page, and/or Twitter: 

September 27th 2013 is release day for Only Half Alive! On top of that it is a very important day for my writing career, AND my blogversary! On top of having an 8 hour online launch party hosted by LadyAmber, I plan on doing a MAJOR rafflecopter GIVEAWAY, here on my blog!  

I want this event to be HUGE! MASSIVE! GINORMOUS! So, if you would like to donate a prize, whether it be a book, bookmark, kindle case, gift card, jewelry, just about anything really, PLEASE send me an e-mail! In trade for you donation I will include your links in the Rafflecopter!!! 

Also, please spread the word!!!! Thank you! <3 <3 <3