Thursday, August 22, 2013

New things coming next month! :)

A while back I closed my Writeaway blog. Not because I didn't love it, not because I didn't want it. Simply because life has gotten so hectic and there was no way I could run multiple blogs by myself.

I did promise to continue running certain features from that blog here. And it never happened. Again, not because I didn't love those features, not because I didn't want to. Simply because life got hectic.

Well good news!

Starting September 1st those features will be back!!!! You might wonder, why bring them back right before my book is published? Why add all that extra work? Well I now have a website.

This means that all announcements, news, updates, and major things related to MY books will be announced on my website. Yes, I will mention them here too. But I want this blog to continue what it was originally supposed to be . . . a place for me to share my thoughts, things I've learned, and anything else I can think of, all to help other authors!

And with my new website being a place solely for my books, it will make this possible!

Nothought2small Blogging Schedule: 

Monday: My Musings - Random thoughts and posts from me
Tuesday: Tricks of the Trade - Tips and tricks about mostly (but not limited to) marketing.
Wednesday: Writing Tips - More than tips on writing, ways to rid yourself of doubt. 
Thursday: Talking about my feelings - Book Reviews! 
Friday: Freedom to post whatever I feel like! 
Saturday: Writing Races
Sunday: No posts. 

Super excited! And I am so looking forward to getting this blog back to what it was made to be! <3 

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