Saturday, September 7, 2013

And yet, we still wonder what's wrong with the world . . .

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In today's world everything you say can and will be used against you. It is a sad truth. You can't say anything without people attacking you for your opinion. And that is just the start of our problems.

I listen to the radio, I watch the news, I read Facebook and blog posts. And so far? This is just a small portion of what is wrong with today's world.

The way we treat one another . . .

Let me tell you a story. The other day a woman purchased a Rock Tumbler. I was the one to take her money, give her a receipt, and tell her how to use her Rock Tumbler. And oh boy, you should have seen the way this woman's eyes lit up when she picked up her tumbler! She was so happy, overjoyed, she looked like a kid in a toy store.

And at the time, I smiled, and was so happy for her! I will never forget the look of pure joy on her face. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. But I didn't realize that until it was a little too late.

The following Tuesday she called with questions. And well, I helped her but I wasn't exactly kind about it. I was short with my answers and no doubt, you could hear the bitterness in my voice. She called me 4 times that day. And I was less than thrilled.

I got home, ready to make a big deal about it, to tell my family about how annoying it was. And right before I spoke I saw the image of her smiling with her new Rock Tumbler, the happiest look on her face as if it were a dream come true. My heart fell. All she wanted was advice on how to use the tumbler, and I treated her so poorly for no real reason at all.

If she calls again, I can tell you without a doubt I will be begging her for forgiveness. I couldn't believe how rude I was to this woman, who was just ecstatic about finally getting the Rock Tumbler she wanted for years! Who was I to be rude to her because she wanted advice? That's what I do, it's my job!

My point here? It happens every day! Not just me, but all over. I call other stores and I hear the same tone I used, being used towards me! And it makes me angry, it hurts! I wonder "Why are they being rude to me? It's their job to answer my questions!" 

What happened to common decency? 

The Media . . . I love entertainment. Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books, I love it all! Except I don't. Because nowadays it's all horrible! If there isn't swearing, there is sex. Or talk about sex. Or both! If there isn't either of those involved, it usually means it's about a tragic break up or a murder or rape.

What happened to the good old days? TV shows like I love Lucy, Gilligan's Island, The Lone Ranger, The Dukes of Hazzard . . . fun, family appropriate shows that give you a laugh, might have their serious moments, but at the end of the day, the good guy wins and all is well? (Okay, Gilligan's Island doesn't really have a "HAPPY" ending until the entire series ended . . . but still).

What happened to music like "You Got It" by Roy Orbison? Or "Tell her about it" by Billy Joel? Where are the good ole songs like "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang?

Nowadays we have songs like "Blurred Lines" and "We can't stop" and let me tell you, those two songs alone are enough to make me never want to turn on the radio!

*Pause on media - going to Blurred Lines for a second* This song has made records, topped charts, and made millions! You want to know what's wrong with the world? This crap. That song is NOT music. It is disgusting, offensive, nasty, and downright disturbing. Do people truly understand what they are saying when they sing that song? What happened to respect?? 

*Back to media* We need to stop stressing over the crimes and who is dating who and who is sleeping with who and all the negativity. Why can't we just have a happy song, movie, book, and/or TV show nowadays? Why must everything be heart breaking?

What happened to happiness? 

Social status, is it really that important what strangers think of you? Are you truly happy getting up three hours before you need to be up so that you can "Put on your face" and perfect your hair? I mean, really? Is that something you do for yourself? Or because you don't want to be the ugly duckling? Please excuse me but seriously, plucking all your eyebrows and drawing them back on is NOT attractive.

Being in pain so others will consider you beautiful is the saddest of reasons to want to be beautiful. How beautiful you are, truly depends on your decisions and not your make up. You can wear all the make up in the world and still be rude and selfish. How you act will always cloud how you look.

And no matter how outdated people make it seem, inner beauty truly does shine through. When you are kind, that is when you are the most beautiful!

Oh and one more thing. Taking selfies (naked, half naked, fully clothed, it doesn't matter), doing the duck face, standing in sexy poses to get attention? Yeah, wrong kind of attention. You are worth more than that.

What happened to self-respect? 

Which begs the question, what happened to being kind at all? So many people are running, always in a hurry, always to busy to stop and smell the roses. Again, call me outdated but it is true! The world is in such a hurry looking forward to tomorrow, that no one lives for today.

I hate to break this to you, but you may not have tomorrow. Slow down. Stop over-scheduling. Smell the roses, go for a walk, spend time with those who love you. We stress that if we don't get it done right now, opportunities could be missed. Again, hate to break it to you but by rushing through life, you've already missed a ton!

What happened to living? 

Horrible things happen everyday. You made a mistake, but is it truly the of the world? Did anyone get hurt? Is anyone dying? Is a life being threatened? Nope? Okay then, laugh it off! Stop stressing the small things!

We get so caught up in all the little things, it's no wonder so many people are angry these days! I can understand making a big mistake and regretting it. But the best thing you can do is fix it. Can't fix it alone? Swallow your pride and ask for help! Can't fix it at all? Do what you can, in anyway you can, and file it away as lessons learned.

What happened to "Don't worry, be happy"? 

We're all different, every single one of us! I have many friends who think a lot like me, they might even act a lot like me. We talk in similar ways, we have a lot in common. But guess what? We are NOT the same. And undoubtedly there are things we disagree on!

Does this mean that I can't talk to them? Does this mean that I unfriend them the second I realize we see one or two things differently? Ummm no! Absolutely not! Because I know there is NO ONE exactly like me! No one is going to agree with me on EVERYTHING! And if they did, I would think they are lying!

We are all different, we see things differently, we have experiences different things. And guess what, I respect your opinion. All I ask is that you do the same. We don't have to agree on everything to be friends. We just have to understand that now.

What happened to good ole fashioned love and respect for one another?


  1. Well said and I firmly believe that you are correct! I see too much of this in our interactions with other people in the world and it gets really nasty at times.

    1. Thank you so much! It truly does and it really needs to stop. People complain about how bad the world is but then they don't do anything.

  2. Well said my friend thats all we ever hear is how bad everything is thank you for putting this out there much love and respect and happiness have a beautiful day!

  3. I completely agree!! I know I have had my bad days and will tend to do something I regret like raising my voice to the kids or chewing out my husband. None of us are perfect but we need to remember that all people, even if they are rude to you first, deserve to be treated like people and respected. I have worked a lot if CS and it never fails that someone is going to take their day out on you but you need to not take it personally. Not that it is ok that they are treating you that way, but like you said, you felt horrible after you had time to reevaluate how you behaved.

    I try everyday to enjoy and be thankful for all my blessings. My children, my husband, my home, my life. We get so worked up in do I have the best of this or the best of that and my kid needs to do this, this, and this or he isn't living a full life. BULL! My oldest son's favorite thing is when we go for a walk as a family or play frisbee in the yard. Simple things that you can do everyday. I love stopping and smelling the flowers and so do my kids but I see so many families where they just have a list of things to do and the kids are attached to electronics and can hardly hold a conversation with more than one word answers.

    It has become societies standards that we compare our lives to others(celebraties, politicians, etc) and try to be like. Well, I frankly would rather spend my days at home with my kids snuggled up watching a movie or reading a book, outside playing or walking, anything than go to the spa and get manis and pedis and have the fanciest car or a big fancy house.

    It is ok to make mistakes as long as we learn from them and change our behaviors so next time we find our shelves in that situation we do the right thing. I hope she does call or come back so you have your chance to apologize. I know how much that can eat at you.

    XOXO <3

    1. Thank you so much for all your thoughts! I agree!!

  4. I agree. Recently a friend posted something slightly conservative on FB and within an hour had people jumping down her throat about it. It seems there is little room for polite discussion and disagreement these days. Rather it's personal attacks and slander.

    And I admit, I've been guilty of it too--as per my recent misguided and unearned outrage against Delta. I tried to recant as well as I could and I felt incredibly bad about it. But so many today not only don't feel bad, they feel entitled to flame others who simply have a different viewpoint.

    1. That is another one I hate! Why must everything become a battle? What happened to being able to not agree with everything and still being friends?


  5. No one's perfect, but it takes a strong lady to admit it! Good job hun!

  6. You expressed yourself very well. Thank you for that. One day love and respect will be back as the fad. Until then people are going to make their mistakes, look back on their lives and wonder what the heck they were thinking.

    1. Thank you so much! My pleasure! I certainly hope so, and I look forward to that day. Until then, I will work on making it happen. :)

  7. Kindness really is the most important thing. I learn this lesson over and over and over and over.

  8. Freakin' fabulous!! That's what I think of this post. Makeup is fun and sure, some days it can make you feel extra pretty. But you don't need it. The first time I met my now husband, I was all sweaty and nasty from playing football. He hit on me that day and gave me his number. If he found me beautiful then, then I know I don't need the makeup now.
    I used to be a bank teller, and let me tell you, we had some nasty, mean customers. But with just a smile and a how are you, we could just as easily brighten someone's day. Just listening to them tell a story about something that happened 50 years ago would make them feel special. What happened to that kind of courtesy? I agree with everything you have said. Everyone is in too much of a hurry. They're worrying about what the trendy thing to wear for SPRING will be or where they will go on vacation next summer. Why not worry about today? Think about how you could better yourself TODAY! That's where change begins. I could go on and on about all of this...but thank you. For writing this and maybe making someone second guess the way they are treating people or how much time and energy they put into trying to make others like them. If someone likes you, they like you. If they don't, it's not your problem. Continue on!