Monday, October 28, 2013

Forsaken (INT) GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Burdened by eyes that reveal her emotions, branded by a birthmark that spells out her name, and gifted with strength heightened by inhuman capabilities, Kiara Fable has always suspected a veiled aspect of her life-what she failed to notice was the truth of her past lurking in the shadows, disastrously unraveling the normalcy of her future. Kiara's dreary life with her adoptive family in a small, isolated village in the heart of the mystical world Menevilen is abruptly shattered the day she is rescued from an attempted assassination by the charming and intimidating Avian Knight. According to him, royal blood native to the kingdom of Enevale flows through Kiara's veins-the same blood her maniacal, magic-wielding aunt, Vyntrx, will do virtually anything to spill. Thrust in the midst of a century-old blood-feud between the Evalseman and Nonae races, Kiara must ultimately betray half of her heritage and choose to defend a side of the rivalry. Faced with a war she may not be capable of winning, the presence of a traitor hiding amid the darkness of distrust, the bittersweet venom of love's merciless sting, and more precarious escapades than she thought imaginable, Kiara fears her new world may be utterly forsaken.

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