Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Twelve Books for Christmas: Day Six ~ Indigo by Kate Marie Robbins

Ava is your typical teenage girl, hoping to spend her summer doing the usual: shopping, concerts, skateboarding, and hanging out with her friends. Her best friend Sera has other plans for them, learning how fly her uncle Mat’s hot air balloon. Their first solo flight turns out to be the adventure of a lifetime.

By magical forces, they are pulled into a world that is unlike their own: the world of Indigo, steeped in myths, legends, and prophecy. Where nothing is what it seems. Where good and evil are not easily distinguished. Will the two teens be able to figure out whose side they are really on before it’s too late and find their way home?

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From the makings of her fabulous tennis hits, from the inspiration of her waggish pets, from the riotous air of Minnesota, comes Kate Marie Robbins...
She lives in a VERY small town in southeastern Minnesota with her family and her three pets. She is currently working in a nursing home but has for long dreamed of being a published author- which since you are reading this, has come true. She likes to read, sing, paint and is very proud of her music & book collections. She also wants to travel the world. When she travels the world of Indigo, she would like to learn sword fighting from Bradan, or be a tailor.
Kate once waited to get into a concert for ten hours, in a snow storm. She dyes her hair a different color every few months, and once went to Walmart wearing a black cape and cat ears. She never got into trouble at school, and has not yet achieved her ambition of drinking her way through all twelve pubs pictured on her Irish calendar.

~ Interview ~

Konstanz: What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

Kate: Spending time with my friends and family.

Konstanz: If you were to give your Main Character a Christmas present, what would it be?

Kate: Ava, because she would be super easy to shop for. I would definitely buy her some kind of band merch or something from Hot Topic.

Konstanz: Do you prefer to be surrounded by Snow or Sun on Christmas?

Kate: Sun, I absolutely hate snow.

Konstanz: What is the craziest, funnest, best, or worst present you've ever received for Christmas?

Kate: Wow, I can't even remember all of the presents I've received over the years. Best, probably my first cd back when I was 13. It was a boy band, I just can't remember which. lol

Konstanz: What is your favorite Christmas food?

Kate: We're a predominantly Swedish in heritage, so it wouldn't be a Christmas dinner without lefse and potato sausage. It's what I look forward to every year.

Konstanz: What do you want most of all for Christmas this year?

Kate: The only thing I want is to be able to see my boyfriend for Christmas.

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