Monday, December 19, 2011

Twelve Books for Christmas: Book Eight

Twelve Books for Christmas


Please welcome Pandora Poikilos.  Author of Blog-A-Licious Directory 2012.  Read the interview and a how you can win a copy of her book! 

Author bio
International best-selling author, Pandora Poikilos has been writing for more than 10 years for various media which include newspapers, radio, television and various websites.
A social media enthusiast who is passionate about blogging and finding her way around the virtual world, she wills away time in the real world by reading, writing and people watching.
Konstanz:  Do you pan out your book before writing or do you just write it out as it comes to you?

Pandora: A little bit of both. Once an idea comes, I pan out the entire book from characters to locations and chapters. Then, I start writing it pen to paper. And only then it is, typed in. 

Konstanz:  If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?

Pandora: Enid Blyton. A mind like that to fascinate children for generations ... I'd like to see how it happened. 

Konstanz:  Who would you rather meet: Robert Jordan or Rick Riordan? 

Pandora: Robert Jordan. It's out of this world. 

Konstanz:  Whats your writing bucket list?

Pandora: Wow. Tough one. But I'd really like to finish a 100,000 word fiction story, complete my horror novel and to sell more books. 

Konstanz:  Whats one thing you plan on doing differently as a published author?  (book signings. . . writers conference panels. . . etc)

Pandora: To write more. I find myself spread over so many marketing efforts, it sometimes comes to the point I'm too tired to write. 

Konstanz:  Do you have the HUGE Christmas breakfast or the HUGE Christmas dinner?  (Or both?)

Pandora: Neither. A massive Christmas lunch or high tea.  

The book: 


List a blog. Read a blog. Join a blog. A list of blogs from all corners of the BlogSphere that can be described in three words - Awesomeness, Interesting, Pass-It-On (alright, that's not one word but you get the idea). There is something for anyone and everyone who blogs. 

And here is how you can win a copy! . . . actually no there isn't.  Why?  Because the book is free!  
Yep, that's right!  Free!  Here is the link and code. 

Link: Smashwords

Code: None needed, The book is already free! 

And now hop along to the participating blogs! 


  1. I downloaded her book and will read it. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you for the free book!
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