Monday, October 1, 2012

A little message from an amazing author!

Alright folks,  So if you didn't see, I just reviewed Mythology by Helen Boswell.  And it got 5 music notes.  The Author is just as cool as the book and she is kinda taking charge on my blog today.  SO, here is a message from Helen. 

Hi! I am offering a 3-day promo during which time the Kindle

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urban fantasy that has been praised for its beautiful writing, 

suspenseful storytelling, a strong female 

protagonist, and a unique and interesting cast of characters - all 

yours for FREE

this Monday through Wednesday only! 

Alright, did you all get that?  Get your very own copy of Mythology 

for FREE!

CLICK HERE to claim your copy! 

Also, did you know it is very helpful to authors if you click "like"

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  1. Wow, thanks Helen! That is so awesome!

    1. You're very welcome, Susanne! I hope you enjoy it. :)