Monday, March 4, 2013

Love/Hate with books and their characters.

We've all read books that we just fall in love with.  We meet a character and instantly, we are in love.  That really hot guy?  The really gorgeous girl? Yeah.  So what do you do when you read a book and just can't picture the guy (or girl) as good looking?

As in, you love the book, the writing, the story, and yet, you can't stand one of the characters?  One the characters you're supposed to love?

Yep, recently I read a book. And said book got an amazing rating from me because I LOVE the book.  But one of the guys in this book (of course there was a love triangle) just wasn't appealing to me in anyway whatsoever.  So of course I rooted for the other guy but still. . . the girl in the book chose the guy I didn't like and I was just like "ugh. I don't like this guy."  And honestly, this is the first time this has happened to me.

I have never not liked one of the main characters like that before. So, what books (if you are comfortable sharing) did you not like one of the main characters? And why didn't you like them?

I am genuinely curious to see how often this happens.


  1. It has happened to me, more than ten times. There are characters whose traits are like all those things I don't like in a person. The stories sometimes are appealing but the character just bugs me.

    1. It just blew me away. I know not every book is for everyone but it never occurred me to that not every character is for everyone.

      And wow that's quite a few times.

  2. I tend not to become especially interested in a character's physical appearance. Even if the way they look is described in some detail I tend not to think of it too much. I am more inclined to be intrigued by a character's thoughts, behavior, or philosophy. I guess I'm less of a visualizer and more of a thinker and that seems to come across in what I write as well. I'm terrible at describing what a person looks like or how they dress or anything visual like that.

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    1. I think it really depends on the story for me. But for a romance where the entire thing is about two people falling for each other, and they continually describe each other's looks, yeah it is important. :D

      But action, adventure, fantasy, things without a love story, I'm more interested in what's happening and what people are thinking rather than how they look.

  3. Some character really don't come off the way they are supposed to, and other times, it's just the readers' preference, you know?

    I love the Hunger Games books, and while people fall over Peeta, I genuinely like him, but not as much as most people. It's okay though, cause I LOVE so many characters from that series.

    But yeah for a romance, it's (in most cases) pretty important that your readers like the romantic interests.

    1. I know. (And yeah, I don't like Peeta either.)

      I just guess it was kind of a shocker because it has never happened to me before. I haven't ever HATED a character that the MC falls in love with.