Monday, December 23, 2013

Twelve Books for Christmas: Day Twelve ~ Purely Paranormal by Patti Larsen

Five Books. Five new worlds to explore.

Welcome to the work of Patti Larsen.

She will lead you:

Into a world where unusual family magic abounds
To Victorian London fraught with danger and dark power
To explore the darkness of a sparkling but deceitful diamond city
To a dying civilization, the only hope a clone who can’t remember anything
To a place where you must run, hide, fight, or die

And so much more!

Come inside. Pull up a chair. And hold on tight. Magic and danger await.

Patti Larsen: Purely Paranormal.

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I am an award-winning young adult author with a passion for the paranormal. Now with multiple books in happy publication, I live on the East Coast of Canada with my very patient husband and six massive cats.

~ Interview ~

Konstanz: What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

Patti: I love being with my family, seeing cousins who don't live close by. It's not about presents anymore--it's about reconnecting after a long, amazing year.

Konstanz: If you were to give your Main Character a Christmas present, what would it be?

Patti: Syd: A huge hug and a kick in the pants.
Burdie: A new top hat--hers has been misplaced...
Fresco: A solid meal and a shower.
Trio: A model statue of Liberty.
Reid: New sneakers. And a gun.

Konstanz: Do you prefer to be surrounded by Snow or Sun on Christmas?

Patti: SUNSUNSUNSUN... Sorry, what was the question?

Konstanz: What is the craziest, funnest, best, or worst present you've ever received for Christmas?

Patti: The worst present was also the craziest--and kind of cool at the same time. One of my sisters got me a freaky floor lamp in the shape of a crooked pyramid made of some kind of hide. There was still hair sticking out of the leather. It was... interesting. But I had it for years.

Konstanz: What is your favorite Christmas food?

Patti: OMNOMNOM...

Your questions are very distracting... I'd have to say all of it--turkey dinner, home made bread and gravy, my mom's biscuit pudding with chocolate sauce...

Now I'm starving.

Konstanz: What do you want most of all for Christmas this year?

Patti: Peace, love and to hit the New York Times Bestseller list. :)

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