Thursday, April 7, 2016

F is for Fire Gate by Pendragon Inman + A GIVEAWAY!

~ About the Book

In order to harness the freedom of Fire's element, Wyan must first conquer his burning shame. 

When young elemental Mystics Wyan and Lor hear that a Fire Master is being sold at an Okoru death auction, they wait for the perfect moment to save him—he’s the only one who can truly mentor Lor in her element. But things go wrong when a young Phoenix boy tries to free himself from the guards and Wyan steps in to help. That one compassionate act changes their lives forever.
They must now decide whether to track the Fire Master back to the impenetrable Mystic prison, risking their entire family in the process, or to forget their ancient heritage and remain in hiding.  It’s a journey of danger and discovery for Wyan and Lor as they fight the elements, their family, and even each other in their quest for freedom.

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~ About the Author

Raised with sisters, Pendragon Inman is now the only girl in an all-boy family. Even her pet eclectus parrot is a boy. She spends her days playing with toy trucks and cleaning up demolition sites. She lives in the midst of magic created by her children and loves to compose stories of youth overcoming difficulties to become warriors.

Pendragon was first given her nickname as a black-belt martial artist in Haidong Gumdo and Shaolin Kung Fu. She has an obsession with swords and other Chinese weaponry, which have a tendency to sneak into her writing.

On the softer side, Pendragon has played the violin and viola since she was three. She also plays the harp during the holidays for her local church organization, and makes hand-sewn books to sell on the side. Between all the things she loves to do and raising her boys, she leads a magical life. You can learn more about her on her blog by clicking here. Her first two books with Trifecta are Fire Gate and Crystal Gate. You can learn more about Pendragon on her website.

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~ Giveaway ~

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