Monday, February 16, 2015

**The Enchanted Rose Promotion & Update**

**The Enchanted Rose Promotion & Update**

I am working night and day to get The Enchanted Rose revised, rewritten, edited, and in it's best possible shape so I can publish it and share it with you. But I also have a day job which is putting me behind.

The Enchanted Rose (Finding Gold, Book Two) was supposed to release February 10th. That didn't happen (obviously) and a huge part of the reason is because I ended up in Insta Care and then the emergency room.

The hospital bills are more than I can handle on top of publishing a book right now. Which is why I need YOUR help!

In order to publish The Enchanted Rose I need to to come up with the money for expenses (ISBN number, formatting, edits, and promotions . . . etc) beforehand.

So here's the deal . . . help me promote the pre-orders as well as my other books (and or purchase them/pre-order TER) and in return, when the book releases I will either A: Sing and record myself singing one of the songs from the book's playlist OR perform and record one of those songs on the violin! And of course I'll share the video with you all during the release party (and of course on here)! <3

Not to mention I have TONS of prizes to giveaway! <3

Thank you!!!

Regular Edition in Paperback via Etsy (On sale for $5.99)  ~ 

 ~ Papaerback via Etsy (On sale for $5.99) ~ 


  1. Hey, sorry to hear what happened and I hope you're on the mend. Your health comes first, but I can totally understand the frustration!

    I'm happy to help promote. Do you have some info I can put on my blog? Releasing a song sounds like a cool way to promote, too!

    1. Nick,

      Thank you! I appreciate it. I am on the mend and hopefully when I go to my follow up appointment this week I will be back to full health again!

      Thank you so much! You're welcome to steal any and all the info here on my blog and/or Facebook page. Or if you'd like to e-mail me ( I can e-mail you all the info. Thank you so much!!!