Monday, September 5, 2016

Be a Character in a Book!!

Reading is a wonderful escape, a way to disappear into another world. A way for you (the reader) to become a dragon rider, prince/ss, the daring warrior, the superhero, to enter lands filled with magic and adventure. 

But what if you could take it one step further? What if you could have a character named after you? What if you could decide what that character is, what story they are in? Whether they're a villain or hero? Well, now you can! 

Option A: Create Your Character. 

With this option, you will get to choose what kind of character you/your friend/someone else is in the story. Human, vampire, werewolf, dragon, unicorn, fairy, princess, prince ...etc, what magical powers you/they may possess, and more! 

Option B: Choose the book! 

With this option, you can choose which book the character is in, but NOT necessarily what kind of character they are. 

Option C: Create the character & choose the book!

With this option, you'll get to help create the character as well as choose which book they are in. The options will be limited, however. 

Once you have made your purchase I will e-mail you with a detailed google form where you can help build your character/decide which book they belong in. 

You will also receive a Character Certificate printed on 24lb gold parchment stating what book you're in, with a signature of authenticity by me.

*Dragon & author name will not be on the printed certificate, as they are a watermark*