Friday, May 20, 2011


Do you ever find yourself broken? Ready to give up and quit writing? You just feel so put down, like no one will ever read your book and so you're just not going to write it. . .

You feel like nothing is going forward and you will never get published. you want to lay down your pen. . . or type writer. . or computer . . . or whatever you write your stories with. . . and you feel that there is no point in writing. What is the point in writing?

The point of writing is telling stories that only you can tell.  Making somebody smile because they can escape from the real world and read the stories us authors write.

But though I know that, and I know why I write. . . there are times I feel like giving up.  Never writing again. There was a time when I thought I would never write again.  But people kept pushing me on. Kept telling me to go forward and write away.  Writing a story isn't just for the readers. When I write my book I am in the book. I escape into my own world.  So when you feel like putting the pen (. . .etc) down, just remember these to songs:

Hero ~ Mariah Carey


Broken ~ Lindsey Haun

Most people associate these songs, and songs like them with life in general.  But the singers never specified. . . why should we?  These songs, alone with 'The climb" By Miley Cyrus, can be associated with anything. Including writers!

I wish everyone the best Climb with their writing!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Into 'da Fiyah!

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Come check out my friend, Lizzy's Blog! Follow, comment below and let me know that you're following and I will send you a present! In celebration of my Birthday! Everyone that follows and let's me know will get a present!

She's an amazing young author working hard to finish her books and getting on the path to publication!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Complicated characters

Do you have moments when you think you have finally figured everything out and you know where each character belongs? You think that you know their back story, and where the story will take them and then all of a sudden. . . BAM! out of nowhere you are hit with idea's. . . way to complicate things for the story! Things that will make the readers be so hooked that they just can't put the book down!

Well isn't that the point? So why is it so hard to change things around so that the book is the best it can be? Well I will tell you. . . Because our characters like to be complicated! We as writers, really are just like readers. . . we see the story should go one way and we set it in place.  But like life, we cannot control everyone else and so our characters prove to us whenever we write that they really are in charge of the story! And personally I think it's better that way!  If someone wrote a book about your life and they messed it up so badly that even you didn't want to read it, would you go to them and say "HELLO! that is not how it happened! You have everything wrong!" or would you sit back and let them ruin it?

So as complicated as this book is getting (which even so, I am having a blast writing it!) I am glad that my characters are setting the story straight for me. I wouldn't want it any other way. . .I mean seriously, who knows it better then them? Well here's to Complicated Characters and writing onward!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

100 things that are rarely explained in book's

100 things that are rarely explained in book's:

1. I am the villain, you cannot stop me: Okay, why is it that this person is a villain? Was the character born a villain? did something happen in their past? do they really want to rule the world? is that the only reason for being a villain? People want to know why the bad guy is the bad guy.

2. I am the Hero and you are the Heroine and I am madly in love you: I think this one is kinda obvious. . how many times do we see that the two main characters fall in love with each other? Why can't the main heroine/hero fall in love with someone else? And where exactly do we get details on why that person loves the other? Looks, the simple fact that their the main characters. . .?

3.I'm a cold hearted, person that's willing to risk my life to save the world: So we've all seen the character who's that person with a heart of cold unfeeling stone. They're sarcastic (not in a nice way) and their mean. They push people to get what they want and yet when it comes down to it. . . they give their lives to saving the world. . . why? if their so cold hearted why did they just take a bullet for someone they hate? Or are they really cold hearted at all?

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Madly Marvelous Misadventure. . . in other words, the reason I haven't blogged in a while

Okay, I am very sorry that I have not posted in a couple of weeks now. . so I present the reason why!

Well you see, I was walking through a forest looking for a place to sit and blog when I was interrupted by a beautiful dragon.  Now this dragon was so beautiful and I could not look away from him. He convinced me to set aside blogging and come with him.  So- being the dragon lover I am- I followed the dragon into a beautiful land where a castle rose above the small kingdom. The oldest Prince was so amazed that with how I got to this land that he married me and I became a Queen. And with being a queen I was free to do whatever I wanted so I walked into the castle gardens and sat down to blog when all of the sudden a unicorn nudged me and told me that she would love to give me a ride through a beautiful forest.

I sat upon the unicorn and like lightning we were in a beautiful forest filled with mushrooms. The mushrooms were so beautiful and smelled so delicious that I just had to try one. . .and then two . . . and then three. . . I closed my eyes to savor the flavor but when I opened them I was no longer in a mushroom filled forest. . I was in the underworld, where the evil king brought people who ate his mushrooms. He made me a servant until he realized that I was a queen. He then married me so that he could take naps as much as he liked and not have to worry about his dorky sidekick screwing things up. Once the king was asleep a beautiful fairy came to my rescue and showed me a way out of the underworld. I followed her through a tiny hole in the side of  the wall AND ALL OF A SUDDEN. . . .

okay really I got nothing and I am sorry. I will be posting actual writerly things later on this week and I will be announcing this months giveaway! So come back. . .and don't worry, I won't be eating any more mushrooms or following any dragons. . . okay I can't make any promises about the dragons. . .but still more posts to come this week!