Monday, May 9, 2011

My Madly Marvelous Misadventure. . . in other words, the reason I haven't blogged in a while

Okay, I am very sorry that I have not posted in a couple of weeks now. . so I present the reason why!

Well you see, I was walking through a forest looking for a place to sit and blog when I was interrupted by a beautiful dragon.  Now this dragon was so beautiful and I could not look away from him. He convinced me to set aside blogging and come with him.  So- being the dragon lover I am- I followed the dragon into a beautiful land where a castle rose above the small kingdom. The oldest Prince was so amazed that with how I got to this land that he married me and I became a Queen. And with being a queen I was free to do whatever I wanted so I walked into the castle gardens and sat down to blog when all of the sudden a unicorn nudged me and told me that she would love to give me a ride through a beautiful forest.

I sat upon the unicorn and like lightning we were in a beautiful forest filled with mushrooms. The mushrooms were so beautiful and smelled so delicious that I just had to try one. . .and then two . . . and then three. . . I closed my eyes to savor the flavor but when I opened them I was no longer in a mushroom filled forest. . I was in the underworld, where the evil king brought people who ate his mushrooms. He made me a servant until he realized that I was a queen. He then married me so that he could take naps as much as he liked and not have to worry about his dorky sidekick screwing things up. Once the king was asleep a beautiful fairy came to my rescue and showed me a way out of the underworld. I followed her through a tiny hole in the side of  the wall AND ALL OF A SUDDEN. . . .

okay really I got nothing and I am sorry. I will be posting actual writerly things later on this week and I will be announcing this months giveaway! So come back. . .and don't worry, I won't be eating any more mushrooms or following any dragons. . . okay I can't make any promises about the dragons. . .but still more posts to come this week!

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  1. LOL! Ahhhh... my brilliance at work.... behind the scenes... >_> <_< Seriously thought, I cannot BELIEVE you fell for those mushrooms. Shame on you, Konstanz! You should know they ALWAYS poison the mushrooms!! :D