Monday, May 16, 2011

Complicated characters

Do you have moments when you think you have finally figured everything out and you know where each character belongs? You think that you know their back story, and where the story will take them and then all of a sudden. . . BAM! out of nowhere you are hit with idea's. . . way to complicate things for the story! Things that will make the readers be so hooked that they just can't put the book down!

Well isn't that the point? So why is it so hard to change things around so that the book is the best it can be? Well I will tell you. . . Because our characters like to be complicated! We as writers, really are just like readers. . . we see the story should go one way and we set it in place.  But like life, we cannot control everyone else and so our characters prove to us whenever we write that they really are in charge of the story! And personally I think it's better that way!  If someone wrote a book about your life and they messed it up so badly that even you didn't want to read it, would you go to them and say "HELLO! that is not how it happened! You have everything wrong!" or would you sit back and let them ruin it?

So as complicated as this book is getting (which even so, I am having a blast writing it!) I am glad that my characters are setting the story straight for me. I wouldn't want it any other way. . .I mean seriously, who knows it better then them? Well here's to Complicated Characters and writing onward!


  1. Ugh... I need to have a positive outlook of my characters like you. :P Right now I'm just like "WHY YOU NO DO WHAT I WANT?!?!?!?! I IS MASTER HERE!!!"

    *deep breath* I shall be more like Konstanz. *nod* If Dante and Valken want to take the book off thataway . . . into no-man's land . . . into hours-and-hours-and-days-and-days-of-rewrites land . . . alright . . . it's their lives . . . I'm just the secretary here.

    GEBLAH! lol, You're right, though. The book is about the characters and it needs to fit their personalities and tell their stories in the best way possible. Here's to Complicated Characters and madness! :D

  2. I have had poems I worked on for over a year and their less then a page long... I can't imagine writing a whole book!