Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's the Climb

When I hear the song 'It's the climb' by *Miley Cyrus, I think of writing.  . . because when it comes to writing a book,  It's not about how fast you get there, it's not about what's waiting on the other side,  it's the climb.   

And that thought is what's keeping me going right now as I edit.  I began my editing on Monday and well, let's say that I am not very pleased.  I was bored and I wrote the darn book!  BUT,  it is okay because I can fix it and when I am done editing it,  it will be ten times better and that can be said for every time I edit it. .. 

I have the original version,  hand written and horrible.  I mean if I think this version is bad all I have to do is read the original and I will look at the newest version and in comparison it's a master piece!!  

So, when you look at your work and want to cry because you cannot believe that it is so horrible for whatever reason,  just know that you can only learn from your mistakes now, so that on your next piece of work, you won't have to work so hard because you will already be that much farther ahead with your knowledge.  And also remember that while it would be nice to write something as big is Harry Potter or Twilight,  it's not about how fast you get there, or what's  waiting on the other side. . .it's the climb. . . 

*I am not a fan of Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus but I found the song touching in the sense that it was something every writer should know about writing.  So now,  Enjoy the things you write because one day you'll realize that even if it was horrible once you finished , once upon a time while you were writing the piece it made you smile! 

And with that,  I am back to Climbing!   


  1. *hugs* Every first book feels overwhelming. I started writing my very first novel when I was 17 and it was hand-written, too! But It started off only as a few pages. I thought it was too cheesy to continue, so I stashed it. Then a year later, I took it out and continued. Then I stashed it. Then, after I got married and was pregnant with my second baby, did I TRULY finish it. Yes, by hand, too.

    It took me a total of 8 years to finish it. It's titled Tragic Innocence. It's over 700 pages long. It's about a young elfin girl who was put under a spell to do the evil lord's bidding. She falls in love with a young elf and is ashamed of her deep secret once she learns of it and is determined to right the wrong.

    It was so so cheesy, but I stuck to it. I later transcribed it to the computer and edited as I went along. It still needs tons of editing. But I'm so excited to revisit that world because it's my first baby!!

    Be patient with yourself and remember that first drafts will always be rough.

    You're awesome, girl!

  2. PS--I really like your blog. I can taste your passion for writing. Remember to NEVER give up no matter what. You and the Lord can do amazing things together. <3

  3. OH MY WORD! We're kindred spirits! I ALWAYS think of this song and writing. Okay, not always. Sometimes I think of running because I love to run, but I totally get what you're saying. You can never give up! Good luck on your goal!

  4. WOW!!! I love it! It's true about most things in life, not just writing. Thanks!

  5. @ Elizabeth,I cannot wait to read that book one day!! And glad I'm not the only crazy person that hand writes books!!

    @Melissa, That's awesome! And thank you! I never will!

    @McElwain Pirates, Indeed, that's just what I compare it to the most!

  6. I LOVE that song, too. Sometimes I think with relation to writing that actually it is what's waiting on the other side because I'm writing my book for a reason, but then I think no. No matter what happens I have to write. I won't not write, no matter what's on the other side.