Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have decided that I would like to help with paying it forward. a program in which writers help writers write! And so I have decided that once a month I am going to do a giveaway! Starting this month with giving away a copy of 'The Write Planner.' A planner for helping authors make and keep goals in writing their books, created by Kim Coates (

So how do you enter for this giveaway you may ask. . .well here is how. . . 

Tell me:

1. your #1 way of getting rid of writers block. (10 points per idea. nothing can be copied from what I have already posted )
2. something that you think is over used in books.(10 points per idea. Nothing can be copied from what I have already posted)


Share my blog with all your friends. (20 points per share. so if you share on each of the places everyday you will get 20 points each time)
Comment below your answers and where you shared my blog (Facebook, twitter, blogger, e-mail. . .etc)

Have your comments in by 2-28-11 at midnight. 

The winner will be chosen by most/best idea's and most points for sharing my blog. 

And let the sharing begin! 


  1. 1 way of getting rid of writers block when I'm trying to write poetry is to go hide in a closet with the door closed where I can't see anything! Just the solitude often helps me clear my mind of whatever it is that's blocking me from saying what it is I want to say.

  2. To cure writers block, I do something totally non writing creative. I sew bake draw create as long as it has nothing to do with wiriting.

    The one thing I see too much of, and this is my own opinion, is Dystopian genre. Don't get me wrong, I Love my friends who write it but I don't like the genre. No offence intended.


    PS cool blog.

  3. Darn it - I only saw this just now!! I would have participated!

    I'll share my thoughts anyway - the word "quip" is used too much in books. :)

    And thanks for the happy birthday wishes on my blog!

  4. Tristi, I'll be doing a giveaway once a month so don't worry! There will be new ways to win all the time!

    And you are most welcome! It actually kinda inspired me to do the same sorta thing on mine so come May I'll be doing the biggest giveaway yet!