Thursday, March 31, 2011

A fairy tale untold

As earlier requested, here is some of the things I am currently working on. Starting with the most current one.

"True Love Sleeps' (a re-tell of 'Sleeping Beauty')
The King and Queen prayed they would be able to have children. . . the prayer was answered. . . with twins.
Darya, previously fairy godmother to the queen, now fairy godmother over the first born Princess, see's her future. . . but can tell no one. Can she do what it takes to save the Kingdom from tragedy if it means hurting the princess? And will the Princesses sister help? or will she fall for the same thing that her sister had?

I do sincerely hope that this sounds interesting. As the story develops perhaps I will post a better, more intriguing and more well written heading for the book. As well as some inserts perhaps just for the fun of it!

Beauty's Thief (a re-tell of 'Beauty and the Beast')
She gave her life to a witch to save a strangers.  The witch had only one servant. a boy, a thief.
The girl knew not why the witch was mean. Or why she insisted on forcing her to work with the boy, a mere pain in her side. But she knew that she had to make the witch see good. She never knew that the witch only did what she had for love. . . .

Again, does this interest anyone? I have lot's planned for this book but very little is worked out. And again later on I will post more on it. But for now I wanted to give you something to look forward as I write and develop better skills. Hopefully this will look like a silly scribble compared to the finished (and hopefully, eventually published) work.

Well that is all I have so far. I am hoping to make a collection of re-tell's of all the classic fairy tales.
I have another one but I am not sure if it is really going to be a re-tell or just it's own story!


  1. It all depends on the ages of the readers. Simple sentences for really young ones may actually keep their mouth's open and thier interests deepen for good to come to good people.

  2. I have some re-tells for you... my favorite ones I've ever read. I made grandma get them for me so when evie is old enough I could read them to her :)