Thursday, March 17, 2011

Talk about getting known!

On Tuesday Evening Brandon Mull (author of the Fablehaven series as well as Pingo,  and the candy shop wars) had another one of his HUGE launch parties for his new book called The Beyonders- a World without Heroes.

These launch parties are amazing! He has a group called DC comedy come and do some performances and they are absolutely hilarious! Brandon used to be a part of the DC comedy group while going to BYU along with his brother.  (and if you are looking for the biggest laughs of your life watch the following videos where Brandon is preforming in the group at BYU years before he was a published author!)
(You must watch all six videos. . . trust me it's worth the time!)

Anyways, after the party Brandon had a huge signing and while he was signing my and my brothers books, this photographer was talking to my dad. Once my books were signed I hurried over to find out what was going on. . . as it turns out She had the boys and I model with some of Brandon's books because we're gonna be in a feature article about Brandon in an e-magazine called Millennium Magazine!!!

So when authors tell you to get out there and get known if you want to be a writer. . what better way to do it than be put in a magazine article with Brandon Mull???!?!?!?!!

Brandon's site!

So if you haven't read any of Brandon Mull's books do! They are amazing!!

p.s Don't forget that if you comment on any of my blogs during the month of march you are automatically entered for a giveaway at the end of the month! So please share my blog and comment lots! Also I will post the article when it is published. The lady at the party/signing said that it will be next week some time!


  1. Is this book "Beyonders" supposed to be read to kids? I am looking for books about good people so my grandson knows thast good people win in the end. Harry Potter is too big for a six years old.

  2. The skits he did at BYU are very funny. I need to read some of his books... okay new goal catch up on reading this year!