Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Once upon a time. . .

Her tears poured like rain. Her heart pounding like thunder. All she could do was run, her feet numb from the cold wet ground. She didn't stop to pick up the roses that fell from her weak nimble fingers, she couldn't even stop to pick up her cloak which had slipped from her shoulder's


  1. Once upon a time there was a little boy who wanted to save the world. How is this for an idea?

  2. "Somethings were not meant to be lived" she thought as she walked. Somethings should stay in story books. She got angry as she thought of the words "happily ever after" and thrust her hand against a tree to take out her frustrations. But the bark on the tree did little more then cut into her hand. Blood trickled down the bark as she stood there using any strength she had left to leave her head on the tree, almost asking it's forgiveness. A tiny squirrel, almost too small to be seem real peered up at her from the ground, a blood drop hit his nose. He didn't move, as another came tumbling down the bark, lightened in color from the rain. This part of the forest was dense with all sorts of vegetation, some of it rumored to be magical. animals that were thought to only exist in mythology and lost treasures believed to be legend. But most of all this part of the forest was home to a squirrelly who wasn't really a squirrel at all.