Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting back up on the saddle

It has been many many months since I have written! I tried to have my book finished before July but obviously that didn't happen. Now I am way behind but my new goal is November. If I have to stay up all night tonight to work on it, I will! Though I have already written three pages today and that is quite a bit considering I haven't been keeping up on it.

So my questions are:

What tools do you use to write quickly and swiftly to get a lot of writing done in very little time?
How do you set your goals?
What motivates you to work on your goals?
What inspires you?
If you have writers block, and a deadline/goal, what helps you get past that block?

1 comment:

  1. 1) I write someplace secluded--I write a million times better if I have no worries about people around me and if I have the privacy to mutter aloud or stand up and pace (or stand up and act things out, as sometimes happens :P). Also, I make sure I have plenty of room. I've found that being surrounded by clutter or feeling pressed in somehow makes it much harder to write. Having open space is like giving my brain breathing room--but maybe that's just me. :P And make sure you can get comfortable because if you can't, it really slows you down. XP

    2) I set my goals based on what I want to improve. If I don't feel like I'm writing often enough, I set a time goal. If I feel like I'm lacking something in my writing, I set a subject goal. Etc. :P

    3) What motivates me is when I pull open something I've written and read it again and just remember how much I love creating.

    4) Moods inspire me. Movies and music especially have an impact on me--if I listen to a playlist of heart-pounding music, it makes me want to write the chase scene to accompany it; if I watch a movie that makes me cry, I'm ready to write angst with impact. :P

    5) I break down the scene I'm writing into the very very core of what I need to get past (ie: "Okay, Dante just appeared, Renegade needs to react.") and I make myself write one sentence, no matter how stupid it sounds. (ie: "Renegade sighed.") Then I go, "Okay! That's a start!" and break it down again. (Renegade sighed, how does Dante react, or does he react at all?) And I just keep it as simple as I can and force my way through it. Sometimes it also helps to get up and move around--I like to walk to the kitchen and get a glass of water because it's menial and easy and physical movement sometimes gets my mind moving.