Monday, September 26, 2011

Racing to 100

This past Wednesday (9-21-11)  Lizzy Hughes and I were both having trouble getting into our books and just writing away.
I felt inclined to do something about it. So I challenged Lizzy. Told her that I could write faster and that I could beat her to page 100.  It became a full out race. And not an easy one.

My starting page was page 32.

Lizzy started on page 24.

Now not only did I Challenge Lizzy to race me to page 100 but I put a deadline on the race! Sunday at midnight.   (9-25-11)

This was super crazy of me! I work everyday and am rarely able to get in a lot of writing. But Lizzy took the challenge and it was competition.
It was hard. A true challenge but Lizzy and I took this challenge and we were going to finish it no matter what!  Every day we would give a page update every five minutes! We teased, taunted, made fun and supported each other throughout the whole thing.  And Sunday evening at midnight this is where we ended:

Me:  89 Pages & 28,157 words.

Lizzy:  92 pages & 26,388 words.

We called it a tie. Win, Win! And I have to say, WE ROCK! By the end of Sunday evening, my back hurt, my eyes hurt but more than anything, my fingers couldn't move! They ached so bad!  But in just three days we went from only a few pages, to almost halfway through our books! And that is huge!

So, where are we going from here?  We are racing til the end.  We are challenging each other every week until our books are finished.

Starting Monday (9-26-11) we have until the following Monday (10-3-11) to write another 100 pages (plus make up what we didn't finish on the last challenge)

So for now I am going to go work on my book. And to Lizzy: May the fastest writer win!

See you all at page 200!!


  1. We. Are. Insane.

    Isanely AWESOME, that is!!! :D :D And thank you for the challenge, it really pulled me out of the writing gutter. :D