Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's time!

It is time, once more for another list!  I am creating a series of lists to help authors with different things

My first list was '100 ways to get rid of writers block'.  I have another list '100 things that are over used in books'  and many more to come!

Now none of my lists are actually to 100 but I slowly add ideas as I think of them.  My newest list if more for fun and laughs than anything but it will be called '100 essential items for Authors' and this list is going to include things such as "Chair pans"  so that we can continually sit and write and never have to worry about getting up to use the bathroom.  I am working on writing up the list right now and it will be published tomorrow morning!

If you are interested in the lists mentioned above,  here are the links. (And they are about to get their own page so that you can always find them!)




1 comment:

  1. Water Dispenser.
    The Never Ending Inc Pen.
    Endless supply of snacks.