Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tiger Giveaway 3: The Perfect Date

Today's mini contest is going to be the most hilarious!

Take your favorite Tiger Brother (Ren or Kishan) and write the perfect date between you and whichever brother you choose.  Comment on this post with your ideal tiger prince date.  Funniest date wins!

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  1. Ren. I would take him (the man) to LegoLand in Orlando, where we will build Lego tigers all day long... Then maybe we will hop-skip on over to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay where he can watch his white tiger brothers as they laze around in the park... Perhaps he could pop his head up in the bubble viewing area (a window underground that puts your head in the midst of the tigers) and turn into a white tiger himself to create some pandemonium in the park! Of course we would have to hightail it home after that! ;)~

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  2. Wow that's a tough one! I think I would have to take Ren to the Hershey Factory in Pennsylvania so he could make his own tiger size candy bars and fill it with as much peanut butter as he could handle! We could even design the wrappers with white tigers :)

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  3. I have to say Ren because I know a woman in another book named Kishan and I'd be having lesbian insecurities all night! "what if his mom wanted a girl"... "what if he is a girl, pretending to be a guy" ha ha ha I seriously would though.