Sunday, January 29, 2012

Now that is some Karma, that is paying it forward!

A week ago I was at Subway buying lunch for everyone at work.  There were a few kids there getting lunch as well.  They stood in line waiting behind me as I placed my order and paid.  When I was finished I was about to leave but once I got to the door I had a feeling I needed to wait.  So I did.  And when the three kids got the counter,  they realized they didn't have enough money to pay for their lunch.  Right then I was very glad that I had waited.  I walked back to the counter, paid the difference for them and left with a smile.  

Yesterday,  I was at subway buying lunch for everyone at work.  I stood in line, placed my order, gathered everything up and handed the cashier my Subway card.  She took it and then told me the total.  I count out the cash I had,  dug through my pockets and wallet and came up short by a few dollars.  I was about to begin putting things back so I would have enough for every one else's lunch when a man stepped out of line behind me,  walked to the counter and asked the cashier how short I was.  She told him and he gave her the remaining few dollars I didn't have.  

THAT is karma.  The good kind. That is paying it forward.   I couldn't help but smile as I left.  

Want to help pay it forward?  Check out my post HERE on how you can win a handmade gift from me! All you have to do is pay it forward.  

Also,  don't forget that Sign ups for the A to Z blog challenge begin Monday morning!  (January 30th).  


  1. Love it. That made me smile. And now I want Subway.

    1. :D Well if you do happen to go to Subway, don't forget to cover someone's change if their short.

  2. That is awesome! When we give of ourselves, it does come back.

  3. What goes around comes around. Nice story.