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The Key of Kilenya~By Andrea Pearson: Interview, Review and Giveaway

Please welcome Andrea Pearson, author of The Key of Kilenya.  Read the wonderful interview, a review of The Key of Kilenya and then find out how you can win a copy of the book! 


Konstanz: If you had the ability to see the future and saw a disaster coming,
what would you do about it?

Andrea: I'd prepare for it and warn my family and friends. Then I'd go

about my normal life, making sure to keep my husband close in case I

needed rescuing. :-)

Konstanz: Favorite book you've written?

Andrea: Ember Gods, the second book in my Kilenya Series. I also enjoy

August Fortress (third book), but for different reasons. Ember Gods has a

lot of character development—you get to know Jacob's older brother, Matt,

a lot better. He's really funny. I love the dialog and back-and-forth
bantering. August Fortress has a slightly more serious feel. They're
getting down to business, and spending a lot of time in Eklaron, trying to
figure things out. As such, they run into a ton more magical traps and
dangerous creatures. There's still a lot of bantering, but again, it's
more intense than book two.

Konstanz: What is your biggest fear?

Andrea: My husband getting injured, hurt, or anything that would

drastically affect him in a negative way.

Konstanz: Funnest part of being an author? 

Andrea: Hearing from readers! I love hearing what they like and think

about what they've read. It's a lot of fun!

Konstanz: If you could bring one fictional character to life, who would it be?

 (From which book?)

Andrea: Probably the Fat Lady or Gallus. I like both of them. They're in the

entire Kilenya Series. The Fat Lady is over six feet tall and weighs

several hundred pounds. She squeals in excitement, and scares some of my

readers. :-) Gallus is a tall, imposing black man, who intimidates Jacob
(my main character), but is honest and straight forward. They're both good

Konstanz: What's your favorite food?

Andrea: Italian! I like meat and cheese and caesar salads. My favorite restaurant

is Olive Garden, probably. (Yeah, not so much of a high-roller, this one.


Konstanz: Do you listen to music while you write?  (Why?/ Why not?)

Andrea: Most definitely! :-) I like the background noise. And it has to be

something I've heard before, otherwise I listen rather than write.

Konstanz:  Are any of your characters based on real people?  

Andrea: Several of them are compilations of people I've met or seen in movies. A

couple are from my imagination completely, but I've found it's harder to

do that than it is to base them off of real people.

Konstanz: What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Andrea: Hire an editor and cover artist, if you want to be an Indie author.

Learn as much as possible about the publishing world – Indie publishing

(going at it on your own, like I am), or traditional. If you don't

understand traditional publishing thoroughly, don't go the Indie route. (A
lot of writers self-publish because they're afraid of rejection or because
they don't want to put the work into finding representation. I don't
recommend doing this.) Make sure you know where you want to be. Set goals
and achieve them. :-)

And now. . . .

The Review:

The Key of Kilenya (Kilenya #1)


A magical key has been stolen, and Jacob must retrieve it as soon as possible to protect his family and our world from danger. 

Fourteen-year-old Jacob Clark's life is about to change when two vicious wolves chase him through a gateway from our world to another. They've been sent by the Lorkon--immortal and evil beings from the world Edana, who know Jacob and that he possesses powers which they desire to control. 

He escapes the wolves and spends the night in the safety of a tree. The next morning, not knowing he is in a different world, he is surprised to be greeted by strange, human-like creatures. 

They beg his assistance in recovering a magical key--which was stolen by the Lorkon and is mysteriously linked to him. He has two choices: help these people, or not. If he helps them he will be in great danger. If he doesn't, his family and our world will be, as the Lorkon will stop at nothing to unlock the key's and Jacob's powers. 

He makes his choice and begins a quest of self-discovery and danger.

Sounds amazing, does it not? 


I read the first paragraph and was hooked.  Curious and wanting more.  Wanting to know what was going to happen.  From the first paragraph to the end I was kept captivated.  It was amazing how fast I kept turning the page.  

Andrea spins a tale so wonderful once you start it you won't want to put it down!  And when you finally get to the end of The Key of Kilenya, you will be clambering to get your hands on book two. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, the pacing was wonderful and the character development was beautifully done.  There were a few scenes that got dull.  As well as Cliche. But still a wonderful book worth reading! 

Overall I give 'The Key of Kilenya'

Four Stars  

The giveaway: 

And now. . . I am giving a copy of the book away!  That's right!  You can win a copy of 
The Key of Kilenya! . . . Actually we are giving away FIVE E-COPIES of The Key of Kilenya! 

How to win:
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