Friday, February 17, 2012

LTUE 2012 Recap!

LTUE was amazing!!  I am so grateful that I was able to go.
I met tons of authors, made tons of new friends and I learned TONS of new things!

The first panel I went on to Thursday morning was 'Historical Weapons' and it was sooo much fun!  Adam Myers brought some of his weapon collection and let us take pictures/ hold the weapons if we wanted.
We learned the history of many weapons and the different qualities along with why different ones were better for different things.


Along with Adam,  True Edge Academy was there and seriously, if you are in Salt Lake City and you want to learn how to use medieval weapons, this is the place to go.

I went to a couple different editing panels.  The first one I went to talked about how important Editors even with spell check and things like that online.

"An editor is as important to an author, as a heart surgeon is to the patient who needs heart surgery."
Get an editor.  Don't publish your book (no matter how you do it) without editing it,  having beta readers read it and getting an editor!

Tristi Pinkston did an editing panel that was sooo worth going to!  If you are looking for an editor, I would totally recommend Tristi!

One of my favorite panels was 'Fractured Fairy tales.' and 'Re-writing classics' which I will be doing a separate post on later in the week so for now I won't mention those.

Another Favorite was the Keynote Address by James A. Owen.  (And I will also be doing an entire post on it so I won't talk about it here)

Now, let me just tell you; If you go to a writing conference and Dan Wells and Robison Wells are doing a panel on Story Structure, GO TO IT!

Not only are they both wonderful authors, they are hilarious, talented, fun to talk to and they will give you some amazing information on writing your story.

Elizabeth Mueller was on a panel about injecting romance in to ghost stories which was very interesting and while I don't write ghost stories, it was a fun panel to go to.

And there is my recap.  I will be posting specific posts about Fractured Fairytales and the Keynote Address within the next couple days.

And before I go,  I would love to thank a couple people.

First, a HUGE thank you to Elizabeth Mueller for making it possible for me to go to LTUE this year.
A huge thank you to Donna Weaver for allowing me to stay with her so I didn't have to get a hotel and a huge thank you to Robin Weeks for giving me some wonderful advice and being a wonderful friend.

And a huge thank you to all three of these wonderful women for believing in me, encouraging me and over all making this years LTUE one of the best conferences I have ever been to!