Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Would you if you Could?

If you COULD go into your favorite story, WOULD you?  

I know I have daydreamed for HOURS about what books I wish I could go into and which characters I wish were alive and real. . . But every time I have thought about it I realize that I could never be happy with my favorite hero from my favorite book.  

Why not, you ask?  Well think about it. . . If the main hero was in love with the main heroine, how could you dare split them up just for you to be with one of them?  They are in love and they saved the world together to prove it.  
 I couldn't dare split them up just so I can be with the hero of the story.  So the same thing goes for going into the story.  If I go into the story, that automatically changes the story.  Therefore how everything happens. Including how the hero and heroine of the story get to the end and to their happily ever after. 

So if you honestly could go into your favorite book, even just to visit or hug your favorite character and then leave, WOULD you?   


  1. I definitely would. I don't usually like the hero, anyways, so I wouldn't mind not being with him/her. And I also daydream a lot but my favorite stories, and of course if it was possible, it would change the story itself, though I wouldn't mind changing it - lots of people write fanfiction and I love to read them; but for me, a great story is one that can make me daydream. The more, the better.

  2. Absolutely! I would have loved to have groomed Black Beauty or ridden the back of a dragon in Pern.