Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Unicorns are so well known that I didn't want to write about them as part of my mythical creatures theme for the A to Z challenge. . . that is until I started researching them.  . .

Unicorns are not at all what I believed them to be.  Fun fact:  There is only ever one unicorn in existence at a time.  A whole heard them?  Yeah, not gonna happen.  And each unicorn is different.  There isn't one set of powers for all unicorns.  They don't spit rainbows and eat butterflies.  They aren't sparkly and I really don't think they want you to pet them.  Nope, the closest I have ever seen to a 'real' unicorn in today's fiction is in Reckless by Cornelia Funke. (Note, I haven't read very many books compared to how many are out there. This is just the most recent book I've seen that has gotten close).  The only thing wrong in this book is there are multiple unicorns at once.

Unicorns aren't always white either.  In India they believe the unicorn to be redish brown.  And they aren't always the big beautiful horse like creature.  Unicorns can be as tiny as a human to as big as godzilla.  The biggest difference between what most people see as a Unicorn and the truth that I could find, would be the fact that they aren't cuddly and cute.  They are used as protection.  And if they don't want you getting near what they are protecting, they will kill you.


  1. Wow, didn't know this. I have read Funke's Reckless--which is awesome, btw.

  2. Okay, so I have to ask -- why is a source that says only one unicorn exists at a time more reliable than a source that posits more than one?


    1. It isn't necessarily. I based all facts that I have posted on how many resources say the same thing. And just because more places say that, doesn't mean that it is how the creator of Unicorns wanted it to be. Simply, I posted the most interesting facts that I found.

  3. When I was a small child in Sunday School I asked the teacher why Noah didnt put Unicorns in the Ark. Now I know why. : )