Friday, May 18, 2012

Fairy Tale Party! Once upon a time there was a winner, and after getting their prize, they lived Happily Ever After!

Today is the my Birthday and I am celebrating by announcing the winners of the Fairy Tale Party! 

If you don't know what I am talking about (you missed out) and go CLICK HERE to read the original post.
If you missed out, don't worry! This Fairy Tale is an annual, every year party that I do right around my Birthday.  :) 

Okay so, I got recommendations of Snow White Re-tellings and here are what they all were (Click on them to read my reviews):  


Snow White and Rose Red by Patricia Wrede (Read further for review)

So, these were all wonderful suggestions but only one book can win as my favorite re-telling of Snow White.  The funny thing? The one I love the most isn't really about Snow White at all.  So which one of them won? 

Snow White and Rose Red!  Who suggested this wonderful story? 

Kayla Beck!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Kayla for the suggestion! 

Now, what did Kayla win?  I shall show you!

My Fair Godmother
My favorite book involved fractured versions of Cinderella and Snow White! 

Reserved for SilverbowBeauties Happily Ever After Keepsake Box
This Beautiful Happily Ever After keepsake box!

And what did the second and third place winners win?  (Yes, I promised three winners!) Well let me tell you who won first! :)

 LadyVampire2u  who suggested Snow


Erin Hartshorn who suggested her wonderful short story, Winter White

And they each won a copy of My Fair Godmother!

Thank you to all who participated and suggested wonderful stories for me to read!

And because I didn't have enough days to review Snow White and Rose Red, here is my review as well as the back cover blurb.
Snow White and Rose Red

Snow White and Rose Red live on the edge of the forest that conceals the elusive border of Faerie. They know enough about Faerie lands and mortal magic to be concerned when they find two human sorcerers setting spells near the border. And when the kindly, intelligent black bear wanders into their cottage some months later, they realize the connection between his plight and the sorcery they saw in the forest. This romantic version of the classic fairy tale features an updated introduction by its editor, Terri Windling.

My Review:

First off, I LOVE PATRICIA WREDE! If you haven't read any of her books, you're missing out.  She wrote the wonderful The Enchanted Forest Chronicles.  When I was told she wrote this lovely book, it was the first in the shopping cart!

As always, I was not disappointed.  Beautiful writing, and an even more beautiful story!  Patricia Wrede is a master of words.   And for this lovely book, I give it Five Music notes!
(And if you are unclear as to what that means, it means five stars!)

Thank you Kayla Beck for suggesting  this beautiful story! 


  1. Happy Birthday! CONGRATS to the winners!

  2. Belated happy birthday! I've been snowed under with work (so to speak), so hadn't caught up on my blog reading. I have to agree Patricia Wrede is awesome.

    And I see I forgot to leave my e-mail in my original comment so you could contact me. *blush* erin at

    1. Thank you! I totally understand. No worries, I will e-mail you! :)

  3. You appear to be a fairy tale lover, so I want to invite you to link up with Fairy Tale Friday whenever you wish.