Monday, May 21, 2012

The Golden Cord: A Book review

The Golden Cord

Book Blurb:

Some bonds can never be broken.
A hunter must leave behind his true love, give up all hope of survival, as he is forced to guide his most hated enemies on a suicidal journey to the lair of the dragon king.

Front cover flap synopsis:

Death comes from above in the plateau world of Ae’leron, where griffins and dragons prowl the sky. Those who escape becoming prey—or enslavement in the Drobin Empire—hide in secret villages. Surviving in the depths of the Thornclaw Forest, the people of Cliffton live on the edge of the Void—an abyss of clouds that surrounds the plateaus and blocks the view into the Underworld.

Guardians work tirelessly to protect each village, and Drake, along with his pair of guard dogs, is Cliffton’s most dedicated and vigilant. When two Drobin warriors appear outside the gates, he is forced to confront his most hated enemies. But the secretive Drobin hide the true nature of their journey and why wyverns hunt them. 

Drake’s world becomes a whirlwind of change as he leaves his true love and guides the Drobin on a suicidal journey to the lair of the dragon king. He must do this, for if he doesn’t, war will consume the world and destroy everything he loves.

My thoughts:

Everyone knows how much I LOVE dragons! 
So when I heard about this book my first thought was 'ooooh Dragons!'
Then I got lots of other books and put off buying this book forever.  
Last year at LTUE I met the wonderful author and he gave me a great deal on book one and two.

Now, the first thing you need to know about this series is that
the whole thing is the dragon is the villain of the story. . . but, but, but I love dragons.
Why would I want to read a book about dragons being the villain?
Well there is nothing to worry about!  I love people too but that doesn't mean all people are good right? 
And I always love a good villain!

This books is AMAZING! Well written, beautiful detail, dialogue and description.  My ONLY complaint revolves around one seen with mention of possible adult content.  Nothing actually happens.

Do I recommend this book?  YES!
For what age? 13-18+
Overall rating:

To read more and learn  more about the wonderful author, you can visit his website HERE!

And now. . . the surprise that you didn't know about because I didn't mention it in this post up until now; The


  1. What no comments? Well then allow me to be the first. Only 4 1/2 notes? That is because the dragon is the villain right? I gotta admit that was kind of a downer for me too but I still could not put the dang book down.

    The Golden Cord is a fantastic book and I am actually buying book 2 of the series from Paul in a couple of days because I have to know what happens.
    Since I met Paul a year ago he has been a true inspiration to this brand new, and somewhat terrified, author.
    He is not only a very talented author but even though he is extremely busy he will always take time to help out.

    Lynette White: Author The Enemy Within.

    1. As a dragon fan, it is a bit of a bummer if the dragon is the villain. Heard good things about this book, though.

  2. This book sounds really awesome and I would love to win it. I love dragons and I would love to check this out. Thanks so much!

    rachel at thejeepdiva dot com

  3. This looks like a book I should immediately add to my list of books to read this summer. Thanks. You already have my email address. the only way I seem to be able to leave comments is by picking anonymous. Dang. LOL Pelli