Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to get the attention of major authors at writer's conferences 101

I know LDStorymakers was a month ago but I have been so busy that I am only barely getting to posting about it.  I know, slacker.  Anyway,  not only am I going to talk about how amazing this conference is, I am going to tell you a secret that very few know.  This secret can help you have the perfect opening topic to approach authors. . . or better yet, have authors approach you!

But first, the conference!

If you have a chance to go to LDStorymakers, GO! In fact, they are doing a mid-west conference so find a way to go there or to the one here in Salt Lake City!  Yes, you have to pay, yes it is expensive, and yes, it is worth it!

There are so many amazing classes and panels.  Everything is wonderful.  Meals are included in the package and if you stay at the hotel the conference is being held at, you get a discount on your room! (Or better yet, stay with friends!)

Also, don't miss out on the contests.  Enter the first chapter contest and all the other contests they do. I saw some of those prizes and I promise, you do not want to miss out!

I can't say that I really have ONE favorite class.  I loved the one on writing Suspense by Rachelle Christensen and the one by Dan Wells about writing sequels.  I also love the extra that Liz and I paid for by Tristi Pinkston. The Ruthless red pen.  Good times. . .good times.  Another favorite was Magic Systems by Amber Arygle.  (Funniest author ever!)

And now. . . are you ready. . . to see. . . my name tag?  Yes, my name tag.  One name tag changed my life!

Knostanz Silverbow
(sorry, the picture didn't work. So now I will just show you what it said)

Notice the mistake?  Since when is my name Knostanz?  Really?  But no, don't laugh.  Don't think it's horrible and embarrassing.  That one mistake, is the secret.  Hence the name of this post.  That mistake is how I got the attention of some major authors at the writers conference.  Kiersten White?  (Yeah I'm sure you have heard of her. . Paranormalcy, Supernaturally. . . ring a bell?) Dan Wells. . . ya know, 'I am not a serial killer'. . . 'Mr. Monster'. . . 'I don't want to kill you'. . . ?  How about Janette Rallsion?  (My Fairy godmother, my unfair godmother, Slayers (CJ Hill.). . any of those you recognize?)  Yep! They all know who I am because of a little misspelling on my name.   In fact, Dan Wells asked for my card, Janette/CJ/Sierra said she will never forget my name (or how to spell it).  Kiersten White, this is what she wrote to me in my copy of Paranormalcy:

To Konstanz-
Whose name is awesome, even when misspelled!

One mistake and now there are a ton of authors who will ALWAYS remember my name.  One. Mistake.  And that is how awesome Story Makers was for me! :)

Oh yeah, and the amazing Lisa Mangum gave me an ARC of After Hello.  Best. Conference. Ever!

Oh yeah . .  did I mention that Lizzy and I walked around as spies?  We were pro!  We only had authors laughing and staring everywhere we went!  :)  So ya know, if this whole author things doesn't work out, I guess I will be a spy instead. . . (that or a comedian).

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