Wednesday, September 12, 2012

500 Followers Giveaway!

Can I just jump up and down and and squeal with happiness? 

I have been running this blog for three(ish) years now and I seriously thought it would take a thousand years for me to EVER get to 500 followers.  

*Place Happy Dance HERE* 

So I have been thinking long and hard about what I want to do to celebrate 500 followers and OF COURSE I am going to do a giveaway.  The hard question is. . . WHAT am I going to giveaway? 

Well I do lots of serious giveaways and lots of books and lots of crazy things no one knows why I am giving away.  And I think for this giveaway I am going to do a mix of all of it! 

So. . . here are the prize packs:

#1: Grow your own Fantasy Creatures Kit:
(*US, only)
Put your Dragon, Fairy, Mermaid and Unicorn in water and watch them grow! 

#2: Dragonfly, Book Locket:
(*US, only)
A Dragonfly sitting on  top of a book locket.  

#3:  Hand-Decorated Journal:
(*US, only)
Winner may choose ONE of these journals.  

#4: Amazon Gift Card:

No picture available

#5: One Book of your choice from the Book Depository
(*International as long as the BD ships to your country)

No picture available

Just fill out the form below and check back on 
Friday (9-14-12) when I will announce the lucky winners! 

Prize packs marked (US, only) are only open to those with a US address.  If marked (International), that prize pack is open to winners internationally as long as the Book Depository will ship to your country or an Amazon gift card will work in your country. 

Giveaway ends on Thursday (9-13-12) at 11:59pm and winners will be announced Friday at 12:01 AM. 

Don't forget to share this post!  (If you do, tell me in the comments.  You get extra points for that.) 


Oh yeah, and bonus points for commenting!  (I really do love comments!)

Oh yeah, and any prize being shipped to a US address will receive an extra little prize:

1 Book Cover, One Charm Bookmark, and one pack of awesome bookmarks! 


  1. Gz on your followers. That locket is absolutely gorgeous. I may have to move to the US just so I can enter to win it hehe :)

  2. do i see unicorns... i loves me unicorns... i am listening to the score to "Legend"... ahhh unicorns.

    congrats to reaching and surpassing 500.

  3. I AM COMMENTING!! YAY POINTS!! lol, congrats on getting over 500 followers--I'd be supremely jealous, but I'm Iron Man, so I can't be. :) This giveaway is FANTASTIC--I always love your prizes. The new blog background looks gorgeous by the way.

  4. Congratulations! That's awesome. What a fun giveaway. I am going to share it!

  5. Prize pack #1 is my fav has all my fav fantasy creatures in it :) Wonderful giveaway and happy for you that you made it to 500 followers

  6. *Hugs* and doing the Happy Followers Celebration Dance! <3
    Congratulations on all your hard work and funtastic blog, I would be beyond thrilled to have 500 followers! :D

    Oh, and thank you for the super sweet giveaway, - I picked a book from the book depository because we live out in the sticks and the nearest bookstore is over an hour's drive! :(

    GFC: Mary DeBorde M.A.D.
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

  7. CONGRATS, Konstanz! I retweeted your post and Google+'d it. Great prize package giveaways!

  8. Congratulations!!! I'm tweeting your good news and giveaway!

  9. Congratulations! That is so awesome!

  10. Wow! 500. That's great, Susanne. Congratulations. Thanks for the giveaway, too. I Google + the post. BTW, I like your new background. So colorful.

  11. Congrats on your milestone!!!
    Thanks for the fun, quirky giveaway :)

    GFC(Mona Garg)
    Email subscriber

  12. Congrats!!! I just made it to 100 followers. I cannot imagine hitting 500. I am sharing this on twitter and facebook. I hope I win one of those fabulous journals!!

  13. Congratulations on 500 followers! That's terrific and how cool it happened way before your deadline. :)