Friday, September 21, 2012

Hit me with your best shot, Query away!

I don't mean literally.  I don't really want to be hit at all.  That kinda hurts.  No, I want you to give me the best Query advice you have ever heard!  

Yep, I am getting ready to write my first Query Letter and I. Am. Terrified!    If you are willing to share a copy of your ACTUAL query letter, PLEASE, PLEASE e-mail it to me! 


Or if you know of public examples I can look at, please leave a link in the comments.  
Never before have I felt so close to publication and yet, so far away.   I wrote an entire novel (multiple times!)  And yet I can't even write a query letter.  Correction:  I don't know HOW to write a Query letter.  So I am asking you for help! 

Blogs about it? Great! 
Articles on the internet? Excellent! 
Things editors and publishers have told you?  Awesome! 
Real life examples? Priceless! 

Thank you in advance for all the advice and help! 

p.s Bonus points to whoever can name the song I stole lyrics from (and changed some) for the title of this post!

And now, for a special announcement! 

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  1. Ooops, I left this on the Writeaway post, but here goes again...I follow a formula when writing a query:
    1. Hook
    2. Setup
    3. Conflict
    4. Consequence

    One to two sentences for each. I also try to keep the body of the query (less writing credits, and intro) to 250 words. I write it, let it sit a few days, edit...and go through that process several times. I also don't send them all a once. I send about 5 and see what kind of response I'm getting, then edit. Good luck!

  2. Best wishes with your query letter!

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