Monday, September 3, 2012

Why does the Reader interview the Author?

So an author e-mailed me about reading their book and possibly doing a review and possibly a giveaway and maybe even a review on my blog after reading the book for them.

And it hit me!  

Why do Readers interview Authors?  

I mean, really why do we?  Well there are a few answers but the biggest one that comes to mind is:  
We want to know more about the person who writers our favorite books.  

But after honestly thinking about it. . . shouldn't it be the other way around?  Shouldn't the author want to interview the reader?  Get the readers opinion?  I want to know what my readers want when it comes to my books.   Dislikes, likes, how they would do it different.  I mean, seriously what better way to get rid of Writers Character Block?  

I mean, of course readers want to know more about their favorite authors and I have seen some really cool interviews.  And yes, reviews are written by readers so the whole world knows what they think of that book BUT how often do Authors stay away from reviews?  

And honestly, how much information does a book review REALLY give us?  

I think Authors should start interview the readers.  If the reader has read the book written by the interview author, GREAT! Ask questions about how they feel about certain things in the book.  

If they haven't. . . . even GREATER!  Ask them what they think the book is about just by looking at the cover and reading the title.  Ask them what they THINK is going to happen.  

Besides, this is no more crazy than Authors interview the characters from the book. . . is it? 

So seriously,  this isn't just some crazy idea I will later on forget about.  If you're an author, wanting to get more exposure, send me an e-mail with your interview questions, whether I have read your book or not.  I will post the interview on my blog, you can post the interview on your blog.  We can post the links all over Facebook and Twitter and Goodreads and Google+ and any other social networking sites you can think of! 


We can discuss what I like about your book or whether I honestly believe I would bring myself to read the book if I just happened across it.  You ask me, and I'll answer! 

PLEASE tell me what you think in the comments or on the form below! 

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