Friday, November 16, 2012

A blessing . . . , And a Curse.

Funny things, super powers.  I mean really, what one man may consider to be a power, another man may consider to be a problem.  I suppose it is all about perspective.  

You see, I have a problem. But when this problem is discussed in books and movies, it is known as a power.  What is is?  Super Hearing.  

Don't laugh.  I'm being serious at the moment.  And I'm honestly just trying to give you a new perspective.  

No I can't hear what is going on three states away.  I can't even hear my next door neighbors.  (We live kinda far apart.)  But I can my family a floor below me and one room over.  

When I go to the theater, I can hear the couple making out in the back row.  Yeah, the couple that think they are being so sneaky?  It isn't working for them.  

The customer three aisles over complaining about prices to their spouse?  Yep, I can hear it.  

The friends sitting side by side during the concert?  Yeah they've been whispering quite loudly the entire time.  

The point is, I hear a LOT more than most people can.  So. . ., why is it a bad thing?  Well let me tell you. 

Reasons really good hearing is horrible: 
  1. In a crowded room full of multiple conversations, I can hear each one of them.  
  2. There is never ending noise.  
  3. I hear things I wish I hadn't.  (People who talk behind your back, don't like you having this power either.) 
  4. I can hear every little thing.  Including the saliva rolling around the food you're chewing. (And as if that wasn't bad enough, I have what is known as Misophonia).  
  5. I would much rather listen to the concert over the whispering friends, the movie over the couple making out and I really don't want to know what you think about those prices.  
I could go on but I think the point is clear.   What one may consider a power, I consider a problem. 

Although, there are a few good things that have come from it.  For example, I now know how important perspective is.  And while writing about super powers in my novel, I understand through experience that every power has a downside.  

What power would you want?  What do you think the downside would be?  


  1. I have a super sense of smell. It's quite annoying! I'm CONSTANTLY taking out the trash, lol. :)

    1. I feel for you! Last year I went an entire year without candy or soda pop. Everywhere I went, I had a heightened sense of smell for THOSE things. Movie theater: I could tell you where every piece of candy was!

  2. I wouldn't call it a superpower, but I have been told I'm a good writer. I've always been interested in all things artistic, and to me, it's a curse, because it seems the artistic ones (throughout history) tend to feel things more deeply and intensely than those who aren't artistic. Therefore (and also because of a family history filled with fun psychological stuff), I struggle with depression.

    Writers aren't athletes... we don't get treated to pizza after we write a good story, or have "teams" where we congratulate each other (although I have worked with other writers before and they ARE an encouragement). You don't get patted on the back for saying something meaningful... so it's harder to feel satisfied in it, I think. Often, I've written something and been proud of it, but then find that no one wants to leave commentary, or that the commentary is "that was nice" rather than the enthusiastic response I'd hoped for.

    Do you struggle with the same thing, Konstanz? (And I have to say: I was drawn to the title of this blog because it reminded me of the show "Monk". Have you ever seen it? Great show...)

    1. I think any thing someone is SUPER at could be considered a superpower. So being artistic, definitely super!

      And I completely agree, we don't get a whole team or crew congratulating us or patting us on the back. I think that is where fans come in. :)

      BTW, I will totally throw you a pizza party! :D

      And yes, I struggle with the same issues. You are not alone. Writers need writers because they are the only ones who understand. *HUGS*

      And yes, I have seen Monk. That was kinda the inspiration for writing this blog post. :D