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Twelve Books for Christmas: Book Seven (US/INT)

Please welcome MB Mulhall, author of Near Death!

Here is where you can find her:

Here is where you can find her book:

Book Blurb: 

So far the count is: Aya 2 - Death 0, but that’s a record that may be broken in the very near future.

The shy 16-year-old loner and her little brother narrowly escape being flattened by a bus when Gabriel, a classmate, is warned by a mysterious green-eyed boy of Aya’s impending demise. He races to her aid, not only saving her life but bringing with him new friends, his twin Marisol and best bud, Jackson.

The green-eyed boy, Christoph, is actually an Angel of Death banished back to earth. They don’t quite know what to make of him. Christoph saved Aya because she reminded him of a long lost love, but when he finds it hard to assimilate to modern time will he want to finish the job of crossing her over in an attempt to get back to where he came from?

Danger escalates when Gabriel's jealous ex, Sara, tries to win him back, her antics turning from annoying to potentially deadly; another Angel of Death appears spouting ominous and cryptic messages and secrets both Jackson and Marisol harbor threaten to tear the friends apart. They must put differences behind them and come clean because Aya may be running on borrowed time. If so, Death may win the game.

Author Interview: Konstanz

Konstanz:  Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 

MB: I'm a Jersey girl, born and bred and I love my state, even in its currently somewhat devastated state (stupid storms). I devour books and might have an reading addiction kind of problem. I tend to read between 100-200 books a year. I kept track one year! Do they make a 12 step program for that?
When I'm not reading or writing, I'm taking pictures or making stuff. Woo crafts! I'm also the type of gal you'll spot in the grocery or clothing store singing along with the muzak. I promise I'm not tone deaf so no need to avoid me if you come across me singing somewhere.
My ultimate dream is to be able to fill at least one shelf on my bookshelf with my own published books and fill my walls with pictures I've taken during my travels around the world!

   Konstanz: Are you Right or Left Handed?

MB: I am right handed!  but playing instruments (especially piano) has made me pretty proficient with my left hand at many things.

Konstanz: Coke or Pepsi?

MB: Pepsi please...although I should be cutting out soda completely. Damn empty calories that just taste good....

Konstanz: Are any of your characters based on family members?

MB: OOooh not family members but I've based characters on exes and people who weren't especially nice to me. Writing is awesome for revenge you can't carry out in real life!

Konstanz: Where did you start when you knew you wanted to be a writer?

MB: I started writing very young, trying to write my own versions of the Ramona Quimby books. I wonder what ever happened to them...anyway I took quite a long break from writing (damn writer's block) but about five years back, I decided I really need to get back into writing and release all the ideas that had been bubbling in my head for years.

Konstanz: Tell us four fun facts about yourself! 

MB: 1) My educational background is in Comparative Literature & Languages (besides Elementary Ed) so I studied Spanish, Japanese a little Latin and a little Russian.

2) I have three tattoos and am dying for more. They really are kind of addictive but I find many of them to be stunningly beautiful pieces of art. Some people frown upon body art, but in my opinion I just wear my art for others to see rather than hang it on the walls where less folks will see it.

3) I'm quite the Whovian.  For those who don't know, that means I'm a big fan of the long running BBC show, Doctor Who. It's fun, mostly family friendly with some swoon-worthy actors and a lot of comedy.  I admit I only got on the bandwagon when the reboot came around but I'm getting through some of the older episodes as well. It's some really great writing and I love that there are episodes written by some of my favorite authors like Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams!

4) I love zombies. For the past several years I have dressed and participated in a local zombie walk. I even made the Guinness World Book of records for being a part of the largest gathering of zombies in one place!

MB is pretty awesome, no doubt about it! 
This giveaway is pretty awesome too.  MB is  giving away 5 e-copies of her book and two Hardbound copies!!!!  (e-copes= INT.  Hardbound copies=US Only)

How to win: 

So. . .you know those links at the beginning of the post?  Well here is where those come in handy.  
To enter, go click on at least one of those links.   "Like" her Author page on Facebeook, Add her books to your Goodreads "TBR" list, "Like" her book on Amazon.  It doesn't matter what you do as long as you do one of those things.  

Then simply fill out the form below and you're entered! 

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