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Twelve Books for Christmas: Book Ten (INT)

Please welcome Jacinta Maree, author of My Demonic Ghost!

Here is where you can find Jacinta and the book: 

Book Blurb: 
Rachael has traveled to Whitehaven to visit her father, a trek she can not help but dread given his recent descent into madness. Upon her arrival she realizes his deterioration has not only been mental, it’s been physical as well. His death comes as no surprise, but what she discovers soon after, is shocking when his burden becomes hers. 

Lock is a banished spirit who must attach himself to a human host in order to hide from those who would drag him back to hell to be destroyed. When he meets Rachael he finds more than a host, he finds an ally. 

Together they must defeat each of the seven sins in order to guarantee Lock's safe passage into the Third Realm, a loophole in creation that would allow him to escape hell and have peace at long last. Through their unlikely friendship, other banished spirits flock to them in hopes of a peace they hadn't dreamt possible.

Author Interview: 

Konstanz: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jacinta: My name is Jacinta and I go by the pen name Jacinta Maree. I am Australian, born and raised in Melbourne where there are four seasons in one day but mostly winter. Since I was just a kid I've been using precious homework time to indulge in writing where my first completed story ever was about a house infested with bats. I am a cat person and my favourite travel destination is Japan. So far I’ve been there twice; my last trip was in June 2012 where my friend and I travelled all around Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima. We dressed up as Geisha, slept in Ryokans and capsule hotels. We went to vampire cafes, butler cafes, cat cafes and prison theme restaurants. It was truly a unique and amazing experience. I’m already planning my return trip.

·         Konstanz: How long did it take you to write your first novel?

Jacinta: This book in particular, My Demonic Ghost- Banished Spirits took me 6 years to write. In my defence that was lazy writing. I would spend more time rereading and editing than actually writing. It wasn't till I went to night classes for writers that I finally pushed myself into writing the ending.

·     Konstanz:     Is the first novel you ever completed published?

Jacinta: My Demonic Ghost is the first novel I’ve taken seriously enough to go through professional editing. It is my first novel to be published and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. This has been such a fantastic learning curve for me, not only am I strengthening my own voice but I get to surround myself with new and fresh authors from around the globe.   

·    Konstanz:      What time of day do you get your best writing done?

Jacinta: Mostly in the mornings, by the afternoons I am too exhausted to write and I just end up falling asleep on top of the keyboard. To me nothing is better than waking up with a warm hot tea and sitting in my pyjamas knowing I can escape into my books without distractions.

·   Konstanz:       Favorite type of Music?

Jacinta: I honestly don't have a favourite, music is very important with the creativity process as it allows me to imagine different scenarios and different emotions depending on the type of music. So for a more romantic atmosphere I enjoy to play love music, whereas for a fight scene or a horror scene I enjoy playing darker genres. I'll admit though, I love instrumental music that you find in movies like lord of the rings and transformers; it can trigger so many different feelings without having to change the channel.

·     Konstanz:     Favorite activity that is unrelated to writing?

Jacinta: I love video games. I don’t even care how nerdy that makes me sound, I especially love anything made by Bioware. They seem to be the masters at story line games. In particular, I loved Dragon Age and now I’m really getting into the last installment of Mass Effect. Talk about having multiple twists and turns, that most amazing part is that the story line changes drastically depending on your choices throughout the adventure. It’s almost like there are five different versions in the one game.

And now. . the giveaway! 

Jacinta is giving away TEN e-copies of My Demonic Ghost!! (INT)

How to win: 

So. . .you know those links at the beginning of the post?  Well here is where those come in handy.  
To enter, go click on at least one of those links.   "Like" her Author page on Facebeook, Add her books to your Goodreads "TBR" list, "Like" her book on Amazon.  It doesn't matter what you do as long as you do one of those things.  

Then simply fill out the form below and you're entered! 

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