Friday, January 4, 2013

Just a quick hello!

Hello! Oh how wonderful it feels to be able to just post whatever I want again!  With the holidays and blog/book tours going on I haven't been able to just write out a blog post about what is going on in my life and what I have been up to.  And right now I have some rather happy news!

I am WEEKS away from being able to begin querying my first manuscript!  Crazy, right?!?!  To think that I have been working on this book for so long and knowing that I am editing for the last time before I send it away to be read by complete strangers!  *eek!*

But seriously though, I am excited! (Just nervous as well).  So what have you been up to?  Anything crazy fun?  Who has seen The Hobbit yet?  (If you haven't you should! It is FANTASTIC! I have seen it in Theaters now four times and counting.) What are your thoughts?  Who is your favorite Dwarf?

Alright, I gotta get back to editing now.  Thanks for popping in to say hello! 

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  1. Ah, well, good luck with querying! Not something I envy.

    1. Thank you! Ha, well I will blog about how it goes! :D

  2. That's good stuff!
    And thanks - got the package of giveaway items yesterday from my publisher.

    1. Thanks! And YAY! So glad it arrived safely. Did everything make it in one piece?