Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Star Cursed Tour ~ This or That with the Author

Title: Star Cursed (Curse of the Beast book 2)
Author: Ashley Lavering
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance/ Beauty and the Beast Retelling
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Seventeen-year-old Tayla will never forget Beast’s fiery-venom spreading through her body like an infection. Now, with her best friend Chel’s help, she must find a human true love before the last petal falls from her enchanted rose or the full moon will transform her into a wolf forever. 

But Tayla never expected that her biggest obstacle would come from inside—a wolf presence threatening to take her very soul. At every turn, the she-wolf exploits Tayla’s weaknesses and gains enough control to sabotage her dates. Tayla struggles to control her unruly wolf and her forbidden attraction to Beast. But can she resist his southern charm, the she-wolf’s attraction to his alluring scent, and still fall in love with a human?

Tangled in a web of wills, Tayla must risk everything to break the Curse of the Beast. With failure and possible death looming overhead, Tayla will do anything to find true love. But will one moon cycle be long enough to conquer her wolf and remain human? Or will she become a permanent member of Beast’s pack? Find out in the second installment in the Curse of the Beast series.

This or That with Ashley: 

Milk or Dark Chocolate? Milk Chocolate
Letters or E-mails? Letters
Summer or Winter? Summer
Early Bird or Night Owl? Early Bird
E-book or Physical book? Physical book
Laptop or Desktop? Laptop!!
TV Shows or Movies? Movies
Online or In-store?  In-store
Long hair or Short Hair? Long hair

Oreos or Chips A-hoy? Oreos...yum!

A nomad at heart, I currently claim Nevada as my home. I have a wonderful husband
and two young children that put up with my “writing time.” When she’s not pondering
a spell that will magically calm the ferocious winds that plague the air around her, you
can find her, with notepad in hand, frantically jotting down ideas in those short moments
between caring for her girls and working full time at the Elko Institute for Academic

Art and science have always been my yin and yang. Throughout my college career, I
shifted between the two, but in the end I graduated with a Bachelors of Mathematics and
Science from the University of Wyoming.

Charging into adventures and discovering something new has always been a passion of
mine, but as a teenager I used to run screaming from a reading or writing assignment.
Looking back, the irony isn’t lost on me. Now you can’t catch me without a book in hand
or without an open word document. Every time a new idea pops into my mind my heart
races and my hand twitch to write it. In that moment, I have my writer's high and pray it
will sustain me through thousands of hours of revision.

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  1. Hi Konstanz. I come to you from the A-Z challenge, I haven't got into the whole vampire culture but I wish Ashley all the best for her novel and future writing. Her this and that is very insightful. Good luck with the challenge.

    1. Ida, it is so wonderful to meet you. Thanks for stopping by! I am so looking forward to the challenge. :)

      Yes, I really enjoyed doing the This or That with Ashley!

    2. HAPPY A to Z!

      Haven't heard of THIS OR THAT with Ashley before. Didn't see a link, but I'm gonna try to find it. Looks like fun.

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      Two of these blogs (Simply Snickers and The Meme Express) will offer DAILY writing/blogging prompts and A-Z words throughout the month of April. The Meme Express welcomes A-Zers to leave daily comments, linking back to their alphabetic posts.

      Thanks for helping with the hosting of the A to Z Challenge! Here we go-o-o-o!

    3. Aww thanks! And to you to! April is fast approaching and wow, I can't wait! At the same time, it is going to be hectic.

      And wow, 8 blogs?? That is huge! Good luck!
      Looking forward to stopping by during the challenge.

      It is my pleasure! You;re welcome. :)